Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Progressivism Is--Still--Committed To Promoting Wuhan Virus Panic; In Fact, It's Committed To Making All Its Favored Problems Seem Worse Than They Are

From nearly the beginning, progressivism and its institutions have misrepresented the Wuhan virus as more deadly than it actually is. The right has played it down...but that seems to have been a reaction to the left / the media playing it up. Conservatives have been righter about it--and this would be pretty clear, I think, if Cuomo hadn't committed mass homicide by cramming sick seniors into retirement homes, killing tens of thousands of them.
   Progressivism also radically exaggerates how much racism, sexism, homo"phobia", and "trans'phobia'" there is--all because doing so helps them promote their politics and policies. Or so it seems. Hystericizing the batflu was an anti-Trump initiative. 
   And, of course: they exaggerate the number of "hate crimes"...except for those against whites and Trump -supporters. Those, needless to say, they minimize.
   Basically, the left can't be trusted on any of this stuff. The right has its own glasses on, and spins. But it's far less deeply immersed in its own groupthink. Right now, anyway.


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