Tuesday, September 22, 2020

President Trump Signs Executive Order Abolishing Critical Race Theory Training In Government

The problem isn't exactly CRT, but rather what I've called "the postpostmodern mishmash" of postmodernism, poststructuralism, critical theory (including CRT), radical feminism, social constructionism, gender and transgender ideology, and some other odds and ends of bullshit. 
   But look: no need to get nit-picky here: Trump has irrevocably won my vote and support with this order. 
   He's just a good President--possibly a great President. Even despite his unpresidential comportment and demeanor. 
   This pseudophilosophical bullshit has been forced into the mainstream and is treated as if it's something other than philosophical speculation. You don't "train" people in a fucking certain brand of philosophical speculation. It'd be like "training" them in Spinozism (except that would at least be interesting and possibly fruitful) or nihilism or skepticism. CRT is a load of horseshit even by the standards of philosophy. It's heavily loaded with illiberal, extremist left ideology. It's largely Marxism translated over onto race. Trump has done something very, very important here. He's gone right at this shit in a way that no other President I can think of would have. 


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