Wednesday, September 30, 2020

PMSM Right Out Of The Gate With Lies About The Debate: "Trump Refused To Denounce White Supremacists"

Bullshit many times does he have to do this, anyway? We went through this stupidity after Unite the Right in C'ville.
Second...he very clearly jumped through precisely the ridiculous hoop he was told to jump through this time as well:

Google this and what you'll get is hit after hit on the MSM saying exactly the opposite of what actually happened. He even used the same words Wallace used.

[Oh and: don't forget that Biden continues to deny even the existence of Antifa...and to deny that Antifa and BLM are the domestic terrorist organizations rioting across the country--assaulting people, violating their First Amendment rights, burning down whole neighborhoods, murdering people, telling people to hand over their houses. We do not currently have any appreciable problem with white supremacists. We have a huge problem with totalitarian leftist terrorists. Even bringing up the former right now is a good indicator of progressive delusion.]


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