Thursday, September 10, 2020

My University Is Become A Social-Justice Re-Education Camp That Occasionally Teaches Courses

  We've just been informed that we'll be designating some courses in the core curriculum as "diversity" courses, and to complete their core requirements, a certain number of their courses will have to have been so designated. Which means: more leftist indoctrination.
   We've also just been informed that the administration wants to "upgrade" the core curriculum to make it more "relevant"...which means: more "diversity" bullshit. Which means: still more leftist indoctrination.
   And the faculty won't make a peep. In fact, most of them will be behind it.
  They won't be happy until we turn this place into a f*cking gulag.
   Universities were one of mankind's greatest achievements while they lasted.
   Make sure to vote for Harris-Biden if you'd like to hasten the decline and fall.


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