Thursday, September 10, 2020

Media "Fact"-Checks: No, Trump Has Not Made 20k "False Or Misleading Claims"

Mark Hemmingway busts 'em...but pig-wrestling is a demoaralizing enterprise from the perspective of the non-pig. And he's right about Trump as well: Trump's got a "style of communication" that generates a lot of inaccuracy and hyperbole. Even when you eliminate the enormous amount of bullshit from the "data"bases, you're left with a lot of false and misleading claims. There's plenty of room to criticize the real Trump...but the media's TDS makes straw Trumping irresistible to them. 
Just to start, here’s one of Trump’s most oft-repeated “lies,” according to Washington Post fact checkers: “My job was made harder by phony witch hunts, by ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ nonsense.” The Post dings Trump for some variation of this claim 227 times – more than 1% of Trump’s alleged untruths. Yet, the Post’s justification for why Trump is wrong to say this is pure pettifogging.

...because Trump's "lies" about that were actually true--and importantly true. And that's just one--though a major--example.  
   Hemmingway does conclude that the Post's fact-checking is the best of the bunch, though, and reports that they're at least responsive to criticism.
   I'd also point out, however, that this isn't just a defense of Trump--it's a substantial criticism of / problem with the media. They've been such lying liars that this, I think, has to be taken into account even when it comes to making a decision about elections. I find myself convinced that I should vote in a way designed to weaken the whole progressive-left alliance of institutions. The Dems capitulated to the progressive left, which is now running that show. That's bad enough. But they also have their own dedicated, delusional propaganda apparatus. Not to mention: a Ministry Of Brainwashing Schoolkids. Not to mention: a Ministry of Intellectual Rectitude at universities. Not to mention...all the other low-information, high-PC institutions in the alliance.
   Anyway: as I've long said: that 20,000 number is bullshit.


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