Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Lyin' Biden Lyin' Again About What Trump Has Said

 Trump's disavowed such people in the past as clearly as possible. He did so after Unite the Right, and the left is still lying about that one at every opportunity. We've got videos. We've got transcripts. Doesn't matter. They lie about everything, and they lie about that in particular. There is nothing Trump can do to stop their false accusations because there's nothing anybody can do. False accusations of racism (and other -ism's and -phobias) are the lifeblood of the left. Without such false accusations, they've got nothing.

And here they are, lyin' again. Wallace asked whether he was "willing" to disavow white supremacists--Trump said "sure." Wallace talked over him, and the whole left is pretending--yet again--that Trump didn't say what he clearly did say. He repeated Wallace's words even. He asked which specific groups he wanted him to disavow--probably because one of the left's complaints after Unite the Right was that he hadn't named specific groups--so he issued another statement, naming specific groups. This time, he seemed to be thinking that that was what Wallace was on about, so he said "sure," and went on to ask about specific groups. Wallace said "Proud Boys"....who are not white supremacists, you damned Trump named them specifically. As usual, he tripped over his words and said "stand by" instead of "stand down." But it was clear what he meant.

And, as at Unite the Right, he was very clear to point out that the crazy left is part of the problem. Now, of course, they're basically the entire problem. Wallace didn't want to hear that, and neither does the rest of the left, so they're pretending that saying that is somehow refusing to condemn the right, too.

Idiots. These are the idiots that are trying to transform our culture.

They don't have two neurons to rub together..

Once again, Lyin' Biden, ladies and gentlemen...including the lie that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist:

Look, nobody likes Trump's verbal comportment. Nor his tendency to speak imprecisely and play fast-and-loose with the truth. But compared to the left--and Harris-Biden in particular--he's a paragon of truthfulness. They're lying. They know they're lying. They're lying in order to trick you into voting for them. Mean tweet and occasional bullshitting just don't stack up against that. 


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