Sunday, September 06, 2020

Is There "A Straight Line From Biden To BLM"?

I say no...but...
...there are lots of squiggly lines.
   To dump the metaphor: they're in roughly the same quadrant of the political graph. Biden has moved too close to the crazies, and they are too powerful now--and he's too weak--for him to oppose them as energetically as they ought to be opposed. 
   Biden has already said he'd do a bunch of crazy-left-friendly stuff. E.g.: go back to the old Title IX understanding as soon as he's elected, support the "equality" act, etc. 
   Biden's no radical, but his party is now allied with--and to some extent under the control of--radicals. There's no doubt that Biden will oppose them less than Trump will.
   And what we need is not slow-walking--or even heel-dragging--leftward. What we need is a hard move back to what used to be the sane center. And we need to re-center the Overton window. 
   Believe me, if I thought Biden would oppose the psychotic left more effectively than Trump, I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. This is, as they say, "the defining issue of our generation." 


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