Saturday, September 05, 2020

Is Paul Krugman The Bill Kristol Of The Left?

Trick question.
Bill Kristol is the Bill Kristol of the left.
But Krugman is Kristolesque in this sense: he's basically wrong about everything.
Here he does his part for the massive leftist gaslighting effort by...and I don't see any other way to interpret him...telling us that we've all been hallucinating the BLM/Pantyfa riots. 
Trump is not the guy I want to be President. He just doesn't have the demeanor or the self-control the job requires. He just plain fails to qualify on those important criteria. He's inarticulate, he speaks irresponsibly imprecisely, he exaggerates, blusters and bullshits way, way too much even by the standards of American politics. I could go on.
But he also flushes out the bullshit of the other side--and that bullshit is not only pervasive but insane. And not only insane but insanely destructive. He's onto important truths, and, though he's got the kind of intelligence that people like me just don't understand, he definitely has it. He's onto important truths, and he's absolutely f*cking fearless about standing up to the unhinged, race-baiting left. Everybody else withers as soon as the left casts its pathetically transparant and absurdly overused Potteresque character-assassination spell: racio accusatorum! Somehow they keep getting extensive mileage out of it--over and over and over. But Trump just doesn't wilt. 
And, again I remind you: they're not going for him, they're coming for you. He's just in the way.
If the ravening leftist academic horde knew what I believe, they'd crucify me. And basically I just go with the preponderance of evidence. Which is unacceptable in the age of political correctness. And if you happen to ever cross them, they'll come for you. And then you'll be a "racist," too. And nothing you can ever say or do will clear your name. 
So why all this again? 
Well, because a large political faction is going insane before our eyes, demanding that we accede to their totalitarian vision, and fomenting civil war--and race war--because people like you and me cling to our guns and reason and the Bill of god. damned. Rights. And religion, I guess, in some cases, if that's your kind of thing.
And we're watching this happen despite the media's attempt to hide it--their lies and distortions and gaslighting. And their response, here personified by Krugman, is: you're imagining it. 
Who you gonna believe? Your cultural betters or your lyin' eyes?
Or, more precisely: Trump's imagining it. Therefore you are, too.
Well, Trump's not my goddamned cup of tea exactly. But he's about 10,000 times more truthful than the antiliberal left. And I'm less worried about one guy BSing and exaggerating and stretching the truth--even when he's the President--than I am about a massive political cult that controls all our cultural institutions. And that's weaving a massive, sophisticated web of lies and using its violent mob of Blackshirts and morons to force us all to accept it.
Oh and: look at what Krugman says about crime statistics. This is a guy who--however undeservedly--won a Nobel Prize in economics. Those can't be honest mistakes.
tl;dr: you're imagining it all, bigot. Now kneel down and confess your racism.
Oh and: give us your house.


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