Saturday, September 12, 2020

Everybody Get'cher Boys Under Control *Before* Any Post-Election Tension

Look, if Trump loses, he's outta there. I'm supporting him, and I'd be out yelling in the streets if he lost and tried to stay in the White House. Which he would not do.
   Let me note again that it is Team Blue that has been attempting a series of quasi-coups for the last 3.5 years. And they're the ones who seem to be flirting with another two quasi-coups right now--Schiff is cooking up Rooskiegate 3.0, and they've been wargaming out post-election strategies, and saying things like: Biden shouldn't concede under any circumstances
   Not to mention the vote-by-mail scheme that seems designed to create post-election chaos.'s that side that's the real worry.
   But, for my part, I'd never take either side defying clear election results laying down. 
   I think we ought to get Gore to oversee any post-election problems. He's got a proven record of nonpartisan commitment to the system--but Team Red would never go for that.
   Anyway. The thing to do is to start managing tensions now. It'd also give us a better election. 
   I don't think the Dems would go for it. Their election strategy seems to be built on scurrilous rumors and outright lies about Trump.
   Trump, for his part, seems almost incapable of civility. Which is his biggest flaw--and a disqualifying one under normal conditions, IMO.
   But if we can't simmer things down a bit now, it's going to be a lot harder to do so after/during a disputed election and vote-count.
   The best thing either side could do--or so it seems to me, not really understanding the details--would be to dump the vote-by-mail scheme. I say do whatever it takes to get the Dems to dump it. Will it take a massive infusion of "federal" [1] money for additional polling places and anti-batflu measures? DO IT. Whatever it takes. Whatever it is will be cheaper than a disputed election. 
   I dunno. Maybe I don't really understand what's going on.

[1] This is a weird usage. Of course it's the national government, not the federal government. 'Federalism' is the system of dividing power between the states and the national government. Why do people always misuse the term?


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