Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Could The Dems Return To The Center If Trump Loses?

This seems to me to be the most important question. 
My guess is: the odds aren't high enough to risk it. Especially since Biden is waning, and Harris is very far to the left.
Who'd get the nod for VP after Biden bowed out? Dunno. Maybe Bernie, to appease that faction? But they'd be looking ahead to '24, wouldn't they? I'd think they'd want a white guy...but who if not Bernie? 
Not that Veep matters much. 
I don't see Harris having a successful administration. The Pubs could then run a righter woman in '24 and win. Noem? Maybe Haley? 
I keep trying to make a Harris-Biden or Harris-? administration work out in my head in a non-disastrous way...but with 1-2 SCOTUS appointments...I don't see it. They're too deep into crazytown...if they win the Presidency, they could well have coattails. And if they take the Senate, we're all right well fucked. They might well follow through with their threats to abolish the filibuster, abolish the EC, and add DC and Puerto Rico as states. Oh and: pack the court. There's probably no coming back from that. That's an irrevocable step toward the end of the USA..
Sigh. Well, all rational paths forward still seem to lead through Donald Trump, reality television star...
Fortunately, the real Trump is much, much less bad than the straw Trump of fevered progressive imaginings.
Not the darkest timeline, perhaps...but one of the weirdest.

[Also: I sure hope the polls are as crooked as conservatives think...because they do not look good.]


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