Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Are Polls Just Another Form Of Progressive MSM Propaganda?

In the RCP poll averages today, Biden is ahead in every battleground state.
Can this really be true?
I'm given to political pessimism, so I'd not normally find this too hard to believe. 
But I do this time. 
As good a job as Trump is doing in so many different ways, it just doesn't seem plausible to me that he's basically behind everywhere he possibly could be. Yeah, yeah, I realize that there's a plausible story about his having botched the batflu business--though I don't buy it. I mean, he botched the wordy leadership part of it, IMO. Pretty bad. But as for whether his actual response was above or below some kind of average, we don't know. And we likely never will. I have a kind of inclination to believe that he did a pretty good job on that part--but I'm in no way sure. 
Then, of course, there is the massive network of lies and delusions in which progressives live--and which they seek to pull down over the eyes of the public via the propagandistic institutions they control--the "news" media, academia, publishing...and every aspect of popular culture. That massive propaganda apparatus is probably unmatched in human history. I makes that of the USSR look like amateurish. And that's hard to beat...
And of course there's Trump's demeanor/comportment problem, including his lunatic tweets...
But honestly, as insane as the Democrats and the progressive left has gone...riots, arson, killing...the turning of the government against anyone who opposes these things...the control of speech and public discussion...the imposition of crazy leftist philosophical bullshit on people via "antiracism" "training"...
I can, reluctantly, believe that Biden might win.
I cannot believe that a Biden landslide is in the offing.
And so I cannot believe that Biden's ahead in virtually every battleground state.
And, given how right the right has been about things over the course of the past few years...
...I'm inclined to think they're likely right again (though it's an old point to them, it's newish to me): polls are PMSM propaganda by other means: they seek to influence, not inform/predict. At least at this point in the race. (Later--so goes the conservative lore--they have to start worrying more about their record for accuracy.)
Of course maybe we are facing a Democratic landslide with coattails.
In that case, we are right and truly f*cked.


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