Thursday, September 17, 2020

Another Woman Accuses Trump Of Sexual Assault

I've stopped agonizing over these cases--I've stopped trying to figure them out.
I don't know Trump personally, obviously, but he comes across as someone who might do such a thing. 
OTOH, delusions and false accusations are the lifeblood of the progressive left. 
Apparently some friends claim to remember the accuser telling them about this, but her boyfriend, who was there, doesn't remember this happening nor her telling him about it. 
I now think that's enough to justify ignoring the accusation. 
The one against Biden is a bit stronger since there's no analog of the boyfriend, but still not strong enough for me to worry too much about it. Such accusations are too easy to make and too damaging and too many of them are clearly false. So-called "Me Too" has made me much less inclined to believe such accusations, since it pushed the line that they all must be believed.
Now these years-old accusations--especially ones that come, basically, packaged with disconfirming evidence--just don't move the needle for me. There's no sense agonizing over accusations that can't be confirmed. I still think that we should come down on sexual assailants like the fist of God...but you've got to make the accusation right away and try to marshal some proof. There's nothing inconsistent about those two positions.
Finally, the left is so hysterical about Trump, and so open about their lies, that I don't see any way to take such an accusation seriously. If groups of bureaucrats are willing to perpetrate the Russiagate hoax, a false accusation of unwanted kissing 20 years ago would be a drop in such a bucket. It's the easiest thing in the world to imagine a progressive being so hysterically anti-Trump that she'd fabricate such an accusation. Hell, many progressives are convinced that Trump is going to destroy the world...fabricating such an accusation would be nothing if that were true.


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