Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Adjunct Prof Who Referred To The Chinese Virus As 'The Chinese Virus' Put On Leave

This is, of course, one way the left wins: they micromanage our vocabulary--and they're accorded the power to do so. If there's a dispute about terminology, they automatically win--their diktats become the status quo as soon as they issue them. And not only are they accorded the authority to deem certain terminology unacceptable, they can even declare it racist...no matter how absurd their arguments. Or with no argument at all:
   The University of Cincinnati is reportedly investigating an instructor who referred to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus,” a term that has been deemed xenophobic, unscientific and politicized, and which has been employed by President Trump. According to WKRC and screenshots of an email shared on social media, John Ucker, adjunct instructor of mechanical and materials engineering, responded to a student who had to miss an in-person lab due to a mandatory COVID-19 quarantine like this: “For students testing positive for the chinese virus [sic], I will give no grade.”
   President Neville Pinto of Cincinnati later said on Twitter, “There is no place for bigotry in our community or any other. We are better than this. Every Bearcat deserves to feel welcomed, respected and supported. Greatness starts with inclusion. And inclusion starts with each of us.”


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