Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Months Of Leftist Mob Violence And Talk Of Civil War And Secession Shows That...Militant-Right Trump Supporters Are The Real Threat...

 Needless to say:

   The progressive left becomes more radical and more delusional by the...week? Day?
   Are they just going to keep getting away with this? The right has been calling them on it nonstop...but the right has no moral or epistemic authority on the left. There's no chance of stopping this unless people on the moderate left start pushing back on this insanity.
   The right just joked about the Boog and the left blew up. Actual mass violence by leftists...doesn't really exist! It's just an idea...
   Progressivism has lost its god damned mind.

Lyin' Biden: The Debate

 I've got a big deadline looming, and wasn't able to watch more than a few snippets of the debate. JQ was just down there watching it...I mean...sure, Trump is Trump, with all that entails. But I just wanted to punch Biden in the face. What a lying sack of shit. Basically all he did was lie for the entire 10-15 minutes I watched. Where did he get this bullshit about masks saving 100k people? Who thinks that?
    Anyway. Fortunately it drove me back to my desk. I won't be able to watch that whole thing for another couple of days.

   But one thing I'll say is: MAGA-folk are really raking Chris Wallace over the coals for allegedly favoring Biden. But in the part I saw, he was doing a good job. 

Joel Pollak On Lyin' Biden And The "Won't Denounce White Supremacy" Lie From The Debate

If they're willing to lie like this right out in front of God and everybody, when they're sure to be caught, imagine how they'd lie when they're sure to get away with it. They're protected, of course, because progressives are now 100% immune to facts...

Lyin' Jim Acosta On Lyin' CNN Lyin' About Trump...Again

Lyin' liars:

The Left Is Taking Over The Country Entirely On The Basis Of Lies About Racism

It's really all they're using. They're lying about racism among police, they're lying about statistic about police killing blacks, they're lying about Trump being a racist...on the basis of lying--repeatedly and provably--about what he has said. They're lying about universities and sports and businesses and everything in the USA being racist..."systemically," of it's undetectable, unprovable.
   This is how the crazy left is winning, and Biden--now a member of the crazy left--is happily using their tactics. 
   And, again: they're not really going after Trump. They're coming after you. Trump is just in the way. And if you think anybody else is going to stand up for you and against them, you're fooling yourself. 
   A vote for Biden and Harris is a vote for a country in which the insane, extremist left gets everything they want merely by shrieking "racism!" 
   You cannot rationally vote for that country.

Lyin' Michael Moore: Another Lying Sack Of Shit

Lyin' Biden Lyin' Again About What Trump Has Said

 Trump's disavowed such people in the past as clearly as possible. He did so after Unite the Right, and the left is still lying about that one at every opportunity. We've got videos. We've got transcripts. Doesn't matter. They lie about everything, and they lie about that in particular. There is nothing Trump can do to stop their false accusations because there's nothing anybody can do. False accusations of racism (and other -ism's and -phobias) are the lifeblood of the left. Without such false accusations, they've got nothing.

And here they are, lyin' again. Wallace asked whether he was "willing" to disavow white supremacists--Trump said "sure." Wallace talked over him, and the whole left is pretending--yet again--that Trump didn't say what he clearly did say. He repeated Wallace's words even. He asked which specific groups he wanted him to disavow--probably because one of the left's complaints after Unite the Right was that he hadn't named specific groups--so he issued another statement, naming specific groups. This time, he seemed to be thinking that that was what Wallace was on about, so he said "sure," and went on to ask about specific groups. Wallace said "Proud Boys"....who are not white supremacists, you damned Trump named them specifically. As usual, he tripped over his words and said "stand by" instead of "stand down." But it was clear what he meant.

And, as at Unite the Right, he was very clear to point out that the crazy left is part of the problem. Now, of course, they're basically the entire problem. Wallace didn't want to hear that, and neither does the rest of the left, so they're pretending that saying that is somehow refusing to condemn the right, too.

Idiots. These are the idiots that are trying to transform our culture.

They don't have two neurons to rub together..

Once again, Lyin' Biden, ladies and gentlemen...including the lie that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist:

Look, nobody likes Trump's verbal comportment. Nor his tendency to speak imprecisely and play fast-and-loose with the truth. But compared to the left--and Harris-Biden in particular--he's a paragon of truthfulness. They're lying. They know they're lying. They're lying in order to trick you into voting for them. Mean tweet and occasional bullshitting just don't stack up against that. 

PMSM Right Out Of The Gate With Lies About The Debate: "Trump Refused To Denounce White Supremacists"

Bullshit many times does he have to do this, anyway? We went through this stupidity after Unite the Right in C'ville.
Second...he very clearly jumped through precisely the ridiculous hoop he was told to jump through this time as well:

Google this and what you'll get is hit after hit on the MSM saying exactly the opposite of what actually happened. He even used the same words Wallace used.

[Oh and: don't forget that Biden continues to deny even the existence of Antifa...and to deny that Antifa and BLM are the domestic terrorist organizations rioting across the country--assaulting people, violating their First Amendment rights, burning down whole neighborhoods, murdering people, telling people to hand over their houses. We do not currently have any appreciable problem with white supremacists. We have a huge problem with totalitarian leftist terrorists. Even bringing up the former right now is a good indicator of progressive delusion.]

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

More Depressing Polling News

I guess the propaganda worked.
No surprise.
The debates could well shake things up...but God knows in which direction. Trump's fully capable of blowing it. And, of course, the press will declare Biden the winner and lavish praise on his performance almost regardless of what actually transpires. Our only hope may be for Biden to crap his pants--figuratively or the other way. Progressive panic is probably the only way Trump will get anything approximating favorable MSM reviews.
There's another month for the facts to break through the Progressitarian epistemic forcefield...but they haven't yet...
And I'd bet on at least one coordinated anti-Trump initiative like the Very Fine People hoax, the Losers and Suckers hoax, or Taxgate per week from here on out.
I've more-or-less given up on Durham. No matter how appalling the revelations, Dems' epistemic shields continue to hold. It'd take a massive revelation at this point. And even that might not do it. It'd likely be dismissed as a planned "October Surprise." Which, hell, I'd take over nothing.
I certainly hope I'm wrong, but we may be watching the turning point coalesce. In a decade or two we might actually look back on this as the a major episode in the end of America.
But all we can do is fight hard. Vote, volunteer, contribute...and talk honestly to persuadable voters.
It's not that I'm hoping for this, but our best bet at this point really might be Biden just completely losing it in public.
And there are still the "shy Trump voters." I'd bet a bit on more of them this time--the pressure against supporting Trump is much greater now than in '16. Then violence, character-assassination and career-destruction against Trump-supporters was nascent and hard to believe. Now it's well-established and expected. 
On the bright side, there's likely blue bias in most polls, and some of the internals look good. 
It ain't over 'til it's over.

If You Believe NYT's Report On Trump's Taxes... may be a bit of a slow learner.


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Collusion For Dummies

At PowerLine

It turns out that there was some truth to the Russian collusion we heard so much about over the past four years. Employing several cutouts including the Perkins Coie law firm, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee colluded with a suspected Russian spy to trash Donald Trump and give the FBI what it wanted to spy on the Trump campaign and undermine the Trump presidency. On that score, mission accomplished.
   It is a shocking story on which we have long had a handle. This past week, however, the picture came into sharper focus with newly declassified evidence regarding the key source for the lurid allegations of the Steele Dossier. See Eric Felten’s RCP column “Dossier Source Was a Suspected Russian Spy, and the FBI Knew It When It Spied on Carter Page” and Andrew McCarthy’s NR column “Steele’s Dossier Source Was a Suspected Russian Spy.
   This is the biggest political scandal in American history — and the most prominent organs of the mainstream media as well as many of their lesser lights are complicit in it. It goes to the top of the Obama administration and implicates the Democratic presidential nominee. As of this moment, however, they all go on their merry way. Whether any protagonist will every pay a price remains at best an open question.

Worse Than Watergate, Russiagategate Is Still Being Suppressed And Derided By The PMSM

   Biden shouldn't even be in the running for President given what we already know about Russiagategate. Durham seems to be sticking to a resolutely apolitical timeline. The MSM--perhaps the most destructive force in American politics in my lifetime--keeps an iron grip on the progressive "narrative." 
Basically Democrats in the Clinton campaign, the FBI and intelligence services colluded with the Russians by taking their intelligence, hiring someone to spin it up into a fact-free "dossier," then setting up a back-and-forth with the media in which each took the fact-free pronouncements of the other and used them as "evidence." The result was a 4-year-long soft coup attempt--and attempt to oust a democratically-elected President...all the while accusing him of doing exactly what they had done--anti-democratic, anti-American collusion. 
   And yet the MSM's dishonesty and grip on the web of blue fictions that is their world-free worldview keeps many over there oblivious...and many still convinced of the opposite of the truth--that Trump is the colluder. (One of the MSM's greatest allies is blue hubris--even after the utter freak out of the past 5-or-so years, the blues still see themselves as the party of science, reason and facts... And that sort of mass infallibilist's like an impenetrable epistemic forcefield.)
   And, of course, our best available evidence indicates that Biden played a significant role in this. 
   In fact, even if he were to somehow remain fit for office for a year--let's face it, an impossibility given what we've already seen--he'd likely end up resigning over Russiagategate. If the truth even comes out under a Democratic administration. Something I very much doubt.
   I'll say right now that I wish the Pubs would break the rules and spill everything Durham has discovered--even if it blows some convictions. I can't believe that the American electorate is so far gone as to know the relevant facts and still vote blue.
   Forget all the other issues--and, IMO, the preponderance of them favor Trump. (Crazy world, eh?)
   Russiagate / Russiagategate alone absolutely rule out a vote for the Dems for President--let alone a vote for Biden. 
   The grip of MSM-bolstered delusions on the blue team has become absolutely horrifying. It's destructive as hell when turned against the party-mostly-in-power. Now imagine that massive fact-denying and brainwashing power turned in favor of the party in power... Add to this that said party has lost its god. damned mind and has put radical-left lunatics in charge of its agenda... There simply aren't many non-catastrophic paths through that imagined four years.

More Bad Polling News

Biden's lead among older people concerns me. They vote.
I also wonder whether the attacks on Biden's mental condition is causing a backlash among them.
I'm trying to convince myself that a Harris-Bide win won't be borderline catastrophic. But I just don't see it. I'm afraid we're at a national tipping-point. Such a win would send us sliding down a slippery slope to a very different kind of country. And not a good one.
Needless to say, I hope I'm wrong.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Overall, Polling News Remains Bad

One would think that a very successful President would be annihilating two mediocre Dems who are, in effect, defending radical illiberal revolutionaries and anarcho-communist Blackshirt rioters... And doing so from off-camera...
But the poll numbers continue to look non-great.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Rare Righty Hate-Crime Hoax???

I'm calling it.
Has all the signs--just too perfect. Somebody who's going to burn your house down isn't going to spray-paint 'BLM,' 'Biden 2020' OR what looks like a half-assed attempt at an anarchy symbol. Let alone all three.
Way fake.
Whereas the torrent of leftist hate-crime hoaxes are generally reported by the media...but then ignored when they turn out to be fake...this one will likely be reported in the opposite way: ignored until proven to be a hoax, then reported. 

Trump And Accepting Defeat

Of course you have to say unequivocally that there's no question--if you lose, you leave office. I have no doubt that Trump will do so, and he's got to say that.
   But what he did say was that he won't automatically concede if there have been significant Democrat shenanigans leading to unclarity about the result. Which is also the right answer. But you have to be careful about how you say it. And he's never careful about how he says anything. 
   The primary danger of a coup or quasi-coup doesn't come from Trump. It comes from the Dems, who have been conducting a rolling series of them for nearly four years now.

Your Blue Future: MSM Lies About Breonna Taylor Case; Grand Jury Hands Down The Right Decision; ...Contrary To BLM Preferences; Riots Ensue

So this is what they're calling "the new normal," then?
   It all started with the MSM pushing the preferred leftist fantasy about Trayvon Martin. Then the string of roughly similar lies about similar kinds of cases ever since--through Michael Brown, etc., up to Breonna Taylor. Almost nobody actually knows much of anything about policy or politics or even current events...especially not young people. And progressives locked into their media-bolstered, largely fact-free weltanschauung. (Though there's barely any welt in it...)
   And now what we have is a god damned train wreck.

Moderates' Best Bet Is To Vote For Trump

This has been clear for some time, as somebody around here may have mentioned.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

America: Hold My Beer

 This is not the crowd...of a person who comes in second place

CRT Indoctrination Defying Trump EO Cancelled

Trump Recovery Much Better Than Expected


BLM/Antifa Domestic Terror / Riots Move Into Suburbs; Rioters Demand Acts Of Submission / Support On Pain Of Burning Down Houses

They are, indeed, totalitarian domestic terrorists
And they are in an alliance with the blue team.

WaPo: Nothing On Hunter Biden Revelations

Democracy dies in darkness.

Tucker Airs Video That Conclusively Proves Kyle Rittenhouse Acted In Self-Defense

As if it hadn't already been proven...
Rittenhouse is basically the only person doing what he should have been doing in that whole mess of  a radius of, apparently, several blocks.
This is your blue future: not a single rioter was charged. None of the arsonists was charged. None of the violent felons who attacked Rittenhouse (and others) were charged. None of the vandals destroying people's businesses were charged. The felon who was illegally carrying, shot at Rittenhouse, and said, in effect, that his only regret was not murdering Rittenhouse was not charged.
The only person charged was the good kid who was there out of community spirit, legally carrying, and defending himself from the murderous, leftist mob:
They will not be charged for trying to kill you, but you will be charged for trying to stop them from it.
Here's the link; what a surprise, Blogger won't embed it...

Dems Latest Project To Sow Electoral Chaos: Ranked-Choice Voting In Maine

 This is the perfect election not to do this.

Three Gov't Agencies Proceed With CRT Brainwashing In Defiance Of Trump's Executive Order

 Read the whole thread. Utterly appalling.

Is The Deep State Using The "Color Revolution" Playbook Against Trump?

Needless to say, the MSM dismisses the idea as a "conspiracy theory." And, I mean, it's hard to blame them. Like Russiagate (which the MSM helped create) and Russiagategate (which the MSM works overtime to suppress), it is a theory about a conspiracy... Oh, wait... In each of those cases, there was/is a left-wing/Democrat conspiracy against Trump...
Beattie made an interesting case in just five minutes on Carlson's show. He claims that the same people who foment the color revolutions abroad--especially one Norm Eisen--using the same playbook--actually titled The Color Revolution Playbook--are fomenting what is, in effect, a color revolution (The black revolution? Y'know...after Pantyfa fashion...what'd you think I meant?) in the USA against Trump.
Sounds pretty crazy to me...but Russiagate/Russiagategate sounded crazy to me, too...
Incidentally, how's the coverage of Russiagategate going over at the WaPo and NUT? I meant: NYT, of course... Pretty extensive and objective? Or what?

Are Polls Just Another Form Of Progressive MSM Propaganda?

In the RCP poll averages today, Biden is ahead in every battleground state.
Can this really be true?
I'm given to political pessimism, so I'd not normally find this too hard to believe. 
But I do this time. 
As good a job as Trump is doing in so many different ways, it just doesn't seem plausible to me that he's basically behind everywhere he possibly could be. Yeah, yeah, I realize that there's a plausible story about his having botched the batflu business--though I don't buy it. I mean, he botched the wordy leadership part of it, IMO. Pretty bad. But as for whether his actual response was above or below some kind of average, we don't know. And we likely never will. I have a kind of inclination to believe that he did a pretty good job on that part--but I'm in no way sure. 
Then, of course, there is the massive network of lies and delusions in which progressives live--and which they seek to pull down over the eyes of the public via the propagandistic institutions they control--the "news" media, academia, publishing...and every aspect of popular culture. That massive propaganda apparatus is probably unmatched in human history. I makes that of the USSR look like amateurish. And that's hard to beat...
And of course there's Trump's demeanor/comportment problem, including his lunatic tweets...
But honestly, as insane as the Democrats and the progressive left has gone...riots, arson, killing...the turning of the government against anyone who opposes these things...the control of speech and public discussion...the imposition of crazy leftist philosophical bullshit on people via "antiracism" "training"...
I can, reluctantly, believe that Biden might win.
I cannot believe that a Biden landslide is in the offing.
And so I cannot believe that Biden's ahead in virtually every battleground state.
And, given how right the right has been about things over the course of the past few years...
...I'm inclined to think they're likely right again (though it's an old point to them, it's newish to me): polls are PMSM propaganda by other means: they seek to influence, not inform/predict. At least at this point in the race. (Later--so goes the conservative lore--they have to start worrying more about their record for accuracy.)
Of course maybe we are facing a Democratic landslide with coattails.
In that case, we are right and truly f*cked.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

President Trump Signs Executive Order Abolishing Critical Race Theory Training In Government

The problem isn't exactly CRT, but rather what I've called "the postpostmodern mishmash" of postmodernism, poststructuralism, critical theory (including CRT), radical feminism, social constructionism, gender and transgender ideology, and some other odds and ends of bullshit. 
   But look: no need to get nit-picky here: Trump has irrevocably won my vote and support with this order. 
   He's just a good President--possibly a great President. Even despite his unpresidential comportment and demeanor. 
   This pseudophilosophical bullshit has been forced into the mainstream and is treated as if it's something other than philosophical speculation. You don't "train" people in a fucking certain brand of philosophical speculation. It'd be like "training" them in Spinozism (except that would at least be interesting and possibly fruitful) or nihilism or skepticism. CRT is a load of horseshit even by the standards of philosophy. It's heavily loaded with illiberal, extremist left ideology. It's largely Marxism translated over onto race. Trump has done something very, very important here. He's gone right at this shit in a way that no other President I can think of would have. 

Clarence Thomas On Joe Biden

The Window Is Rapidly Closing On The Durham Investigation

I now rather doubt we'll hear the results of the investigation before the election.
This looks to be bigger than Watergate, and will likely, IMO, be absolutely devastating for Dems--especially since Biden seems to be directly implicated. 
I think I understand the arguments for refusing to allow the election to influence the timeline of the investigation. OTOH, there are obvious arguments in the other direction.
It should be a matter of great concern to everyone the Progressitarianism has been so effective at insolating its adherents from information about this monumental scandal.

Adjunct Prof Who Referred To The Chinese Virus As 'The Chinese Virus' Put On Leave

This is, of course, one way the left wins: they micromanage our vocabulary--and they're accorded the power to do so. If there's a dispute about terminology, they automatically win--their diktats become the status quo as soon as they issue them. And not only are they accorded the authority to deem certain terminology unacceptable, they can even declare it matter how absurd their arguments. Or with no argument at all:
   The University of Cincinnati is reportedly investigating an instructor who referred to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus,” a term that has been deemed xenophobic, unscientific and politicized, and which has been employed by President Trump. According to WKRC and screenshots of an email shared on social media, John Ucker, adjunct instructor of mechanical and materials engineering, responded to a student who had to miss an in-person lab due to a mandatory COVID-19 quarantine like this: “For students testing positive for the chinese virus [sic], I will give no grade.”
   President Neville Pinto of Cincinnati later said on Twitter, “There is no place for bigotry in our community or any other. We are better than this. Every Bearcat deserves to feel welcomed, respected and supported. Greatness starts with inclusion. And inclusion starts with each of us.”

Sowing The Seeds Of Chaos: Court Rules Michigan Can Count Mail-In Ballots 14 Days After Election Day

 There's simply no excuse for what the Dems are doing.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Can't Touch This MAGA Gear

Frothing "Liberal" Rage Over RBG's Seat

   Death threats, threats of civil war, vague-but-unbounded threats that "nothing is off the table," shrieking freakouts, and the ever-present mass protests (though thus far they don't seem to have beaten anyone into a wheelchair, killed anyone, nor burnt anything down...)
  The Pubs played hardball (to say the least) with Merrick Garland. But it was Reid who exercised the nuclear option against rule XXII... That was a huge step down our current road. I currently think that was a mistake. At any rate, procedurally I haven't been wild about McConnell's hardball tactics. But so long as this madness controls the left, I honestly don't see any other option. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

BLM Quietly Scrubs Descriptions Of Its Anti-American, Marxist Positions From Its Website

Everybody on the right knows about this stuff...almost nobody on the left seems to. Wonder whether it's been mentioned even once in the WaPo or the NYT?
   Also: PolitiFact basically just lies about what BLM says about the family. They claim that BLM doesn't seek to "disrupt" the nuclear family--though that's exactly what BLM says. Then they use the old semantic dodge, claiming that BLM seeks to "redefine" the family...which does nothing but thinly conceal their actual position--it comes to the same thing.

A No-Win SCOTUS Question For Trump?

Word is that he's thinking Amy Coney Barrett. 
   This will be taken by progressives (and what remains of liberals) as a broadside against abortion--which it may well be. 
And abortion motivates Dems way more than it motivates Pubs. There's almost no such thing as a pro-life Democrat anymore, whereas there seem to be quite a few pro-choice Republicans. Just seems like a bad gamble so close to the election.
   But, IMO, we can't afford a Harris- (or maybe even Biden-!)appointed Supreme. I default to libertarianism on abortion. But I don't think that even losing Roe--which I don't think is going to happen--would be a disaster. It'd just mean that some red states would outlaw it--and Planned Parenthood et al. would set up services to transport women from those states to blue states. 
   Given the unhinging of the progressive left, we just can't risk the kind of appointment we'd likely get right now. Even in general, I've gone--for now at least--over to the side of textualists. All textualist justices do is force us to actually pass laws to effect change--rather than relying on judges to, in effect, rewrite old laws. So textualists aren't a disaster. Whereas activist "living Constitution" types are pretty commonly disastrous. 

Your Blue Future: Say The Words We Tell You To Say Or The Mob Attacks

There is no reasoning with such people. Force is the only solution.
This is a violent, insane, anti-liberal, anti-American, anti-Constitutional cult, supported by many Democrats.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Do Masks Work?

Graham On Garland Decision: We'll Do The Same If A SCOTUS Vacancy Opens Up In Trump's Last Year

Dunno, man. This is just too important. The cult is at the door...
But also: this isn't Trump's last year, so...

Also--and I didn't think of this one: we shouldn't set up a 4-4 tie in among the Supremes given the almost-inevitable chaos that Team Blue has engineered for the election. 

RBG's "Last Words"

I don't buy it, just for the record. 
I'm not really sure how last words work...maybe you can sort of read them into the record ahead of time or something. But they just don't sound plausible to me. A bit too perfect among other things.

The Real Trump, IMO

According to my recent/current view, this is the real Trump.
   I'm not saying what that might mean, since the real Trump doesn't come out often enough. Also, this might be the real Trump and the other Trump might also be the real Trump. But the view, common among my friends and associates, that he's a monster simply isn't true.
   The, that's how I first saw it, and that's what I found, and so there it is.

McCarthy: Systemic Racism? Make Them Prove It

Eh, "make them prove it" doesn't strike quite the right tone.
   Better is: before we can accept what looks like a politico-religious article of faith, we'd need to find proof of this as-yet-ostentatiously-unproven hypothesis. The arguments provided as of yet are patently insufficient to establish it. Group differences can't constitute the proof because (i) it's group differences that are the abductive basis for proposing the hypothesis--so they can't also be used as inductive evidence for confirming the hypothesis; and: (ii) since group differences are the rule rather than the exception, it's not even clear that the hypothesis is legitimate, since it's not clear there's anything to explain. Furthermore (iii) there are actual scientific hypothesis that are better-established and capable of explaining the differences if they do need to be explained--e.g. differences in time-preferences, the scholastic achievement gap, and the Nuclear Hypothesis...

Trump: 1776 Commission To Combat "1619 Project" And Establish "Patriotic" And "Pro-America" Education

I'm mostly against this, too.
Education ought to be objective.
Give 'em the facts and the arguments. They should be able to see the rest.
Though I do agree that a certain degree of patriotism may be required for a nation--especially one like ours--to succeed and endure. It may be permissible to highlight the positive (e.g. our capacity for self-correction.)

Friday, September 18, 2020

McConnel: Trumps SCOTUS Nominee Will Receive A Vote In The Senate

 This makes it less crucial for the Pubs to win.

DeVos Will Withhold Funds From CT School To Save Girls' Sports

Of all of Trump's excellent appointments, DeVos may be the best.

Tulsi Proposes Banning Ballot Harvesting

 The best way to avoid violence and chaos is to block these insane Dem quasi-cheats--mass vote-by-mail, ballot harvesting, etc. That lunacy is going to create a disaster.

The Left's Web Of Lies And Delusions Cannot Be Contained

   You should care that the left has become a web of lies and delusions, and that it subordinates reason to dogma...because truth and reason are important and lies and delusions are bad--not because of any resultant practical problems. 
   However, there will be resultant practical problems...
   We've already seem some of them: police and whites aren't allowed to use force against nonwhites, no matter how obviously justified. Whereas criminal blacks are excused almost no matter what they do. The left apparently doesn't even care about rape anymore--which fits with its general tendency to consistently put women at the bottom of its preferred victim hierarchy...
   In this video, a woman harasses a CVS manager who called the police about black shoplifters. We have allowed the left to spin its myth about police violence against now, having established that premise, they can claim that calling the police on blacks is never permissible because it's always a likely death-sentence. If anyone other than Heather Mac Donald had called bullshit on the original falsehood, these problems could have been avoided...
   Well, actually, pretty much everybody on the right has denied the BLM myth. But nothing the right says is ever capable of penetrating the left's groupthink forcefield.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Dead At 87

 Rest in peace, Justice Ginsberg.

Any Consistency Whatsoever Is A Hobgoblin Of Straightwhitemale Minds, I Reckon

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Another Woman Accuses Trump Of Sexual Assault

I've stopped agonizing over these cases--I've stopped trying to figure them out.
I don't know Trump personally, obviously, but he comes across as someone who might do such a thing. 
OTOH, delusions and false accusations are the lifeblood of the progressive left. 
Apparently some friends claim to remember the accuser telling them about this, but her boyfriend, who was there, doesn't remember this happening nor her telling him about it. 
I now think that's enough to justify ignoring the accusation. 
The one against Biden is a bit stronger since there's no analog of the boyfriend, but still not strong enough for me to worry too much about it. Such accusations are too easy to make and too damaging and too many of them are clearly false. So-called "Me Too" has made me much less inclined to believe such accusations, since it pushed the line that they all must be believed.
Now these years-old accusations--especially ones that come, basically, packaged with disconfirming evidence--just don't move the needle for me. There's no sense agonizing over accusations that can't be confirmed. I still think that we should come down on sexual assailants like the fist of God...but you've got to make the accusation right away and try to marshal some proof. There's nothing inconsistent about those two positions.
Finally, the left is so hysterical about Trump, and so open about their lies, that I don't see any way to take such an accusation seriously. If groups of bureaucrats are willing to perpetrate the Russiagate hoax, a false accusation of unwanted kissing 20 years ago would be a drop in such a bucket. It's the easiest thing in the world to imagine a progressive being so hysterically anti-Trump that she'd fabricate such an accusation. Hell, many progressives are convinced that Trump is going to destroy the world...fabricating such an accusation would be nothing if that were true.

AOC: Democrat Left Can Probably Push Biden Farther Left

What a surprise.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Rasmussen Has Trump Slightly Ahead; RCP Shows Biden's Lead Narrowing

Rasmussen beat the other big polling outfits last time, which tend to oversample Democrats.

In Case You Had Any Doubts, Antifa Is, In Fact, An Organized Group

The claim that it isn't is idiotic--it's just the latest leftist ploy to muddy the waters as a way to excuse them. It's a standard progressive ploy by this point--pretending that bad aspects of the left that people are getting fed up with simply don't exist. The first time I remember this ploy being deployed as with respect to political correctness. When criticisms of PC started popping up, we were treated to a barrage of bizarre responses claiming PC simply didn't exist. 
   Actually scratch that--you might go a bit farther back to the claims that race doesn't exist. That was the left's claim before they switched to the outright-incoherent race does exist, but its social

   Bonus: Portland "woman" accused of rioting faces both local and federal charges. I've noticed that the mugshots include many such "women"...either Portland is home to many extremely unattractive women...or there's some other explanation....

BLM Activist Sets Fire In Oregon

 So looks like the theory that BLM/Antifa are setting fires is true after all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

"Harris-Biden Administration"

Dude, I am ahead of my time:

Brandon Morse: Stop Calling Leftists 'Liberals'

Something I've been urging for years.

Progressivism Is--Still--Committed To Promoting Wuhan Virus Panic; In Fact, It's Committed To Making All Its Favored Problems Seem Worse Than They Are

From nearly the beginning, progressivism and its institutions have misrepresented the Wuhan virus as more deadly than it actually is. The right has played it down...but that seems to have been a reaction to the left / the media playing it up. Conservatives have been righter about it--and this would be pretty clear, I think, if Cuomo hadn't committed mass homicide by cramming sick seniors into retirement homes, killing tens of thousands of them.
   Progressivism also radically exaggerates how much racism, sexism, homo"phobia", and "trans'phobia'" there is--all because doing so helps them promote their politics and policies. Or so it seems. Hystericizing the batflu was an anti-Trump initiative. 
   And, of course: they exaggerate the number of "hate crimes"...except for those against whites and Trump -supporters. Those, needless to say, they minimize.
   Basically, the left can't be trusted on any of this stuff. The right has its own glasses on, and spins. But it's far less deeply immersed in its own groupthink. Right now, anyway.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

BLM / Progressives Excommunicating Darwin Now?

 Apparently museums generally are teh razizt, you know what you've gotta do, lefties.

Did They Lie To Us About Breonna Taylor, Too?

Damn, I actually fell for that one.

Your Blue Future If Harris-Biden Win

Antifa/BLM Rioters Are Entirely Without Honor

Disgusting pieces of shit.

So Arson, Looting And Murder Are All Justified When Done By The Left...

A "Handful" Of "Protestors" Showed Up "In Opposition To What...Trump Tweeted...Also In Support Of Black Lives [Matter?]"; Cops Tackle Reporter Out Of The Blue...Also Leprechauns

Actually, the protestors were disgusting assholes harassing the cops, expressing their hope that the LA officers who were ambushed would die, and (allegedly) blocking the emergency room entrance. The reporter was apparently interfering with an arrest.
   If you believe the bullshit the media puts out about such things by this point, you are beyond gullible.
   Even with seemingly conclusive video footage, as in the Floyd-Chauvin case, there's always something they're hiding that shows the case to be less clear-cut and less-bad than they represent it as being.
   If they're showing the police cuffing the reporter, that means it's the most incriminating footage they've got. If the cops tackled the reporter unprovoked, they'd show that. If they're not showing it, then that's not what happened.

The Progressive Left and BLM et al. Are Inciting Violence Against The Police; They're Partially Responsible For LA Assassination Attempt

If you brainwash people to believe false premises that strongly/clearly support the conclusion that you should kill members of a group, then you are partially responsible if they believe you and draw the obvious conclusion.
   BLM, progressives, and the academic/activist left are inciting violence against police, the government, and whites. The violence is being perpetrated before our eyes. If anyone were doing something analogous that incited violence against groups favored by the left, it's all the MSM would be talking about--and rightly so.
   I made this same argument against elements of the right that were irresponsibly pushing such premises against Barack Obama--e.g. claiming that he was intentionally aiming to destroy the country.
   But, irresponsible as those conservatives were, they didn't actually bring about any violence, whereas the left has managed to bring about an enormous amount of it, including dozens of murders and over 500 violent riots producing tens of millions of dollars of property damage. 
   Grenell is right: the attempted murder of these police officers is on the progressive left, including the MSM:

Pantyfa Attacks Woman, Interferes With Her Exercise Of Her First Amendment Rights, Tries To Steal Her Phone

And they're allowed to do this stuff over and over.

Antifa / Other Leftist Extremists Setting Wildfires?

Seems crazy, but it's obviously possible.
NYT and other MSM falling all over themselves to deny it is nearly evidentially valueless--they will defend Antifa, BLM, et al. almost no matter what. 
There seems to be a lot of arson involved...and these mug shots have the mentally-deficient look of Antifa...though there are, of course, many non-Antifa mental deficients...
Furthermore, I wouldn't put it past leftist climate hysteriacs to do something like this as a method of whipping people up for the cause... Though that'd obviously be insane.
So we know there's arson, and we know that BLM/Antifa likes arson...and we know that the MSM denials are virtually weightless...
I don't see that we have much evidence either way at this point.
Sometimes you just gotta suspend judgment, and that's what I'd recommend in this case.

DeMint: A Big Blue Lie Fueled A Summer Of Riots

 The BLM/Antifa rioters are terrorists, the riots are terrorism, and the Dems keep them going in order to achieve their political ends. Which is what terrorism is: the use of fear and violence to achieve political ends.

Turley: The Real Conversation On Racism Is Much More Difficult, But Necessary

 Even Turley is pulling his punches.

Typical MSM Piece On Conspiracy Theories And Popular Delusions: 20 Paragraphs About Trump And Conservatives, One Fluff Paragraph On The Left

 The left is detached from reality.

Peace In The Middle East: What If Obama Had Done What Trump Has Done?

 It'd be wall-to-wall coverage. They'd have begun carving his face into Mt. Rushmore--which would be politically correct again--by now.

   Instead, it turns out that peace in the Middle East doesn't matter anymore... And Serbia and Kosovo...forget it!

Twitter Blocks People From Saying That Kyle Rittenhouse Acted In Self-Defense

...though it is obvious that he did.
The left's positions have become so absurd that it can no longer hope to win public debates. 
It's only winning strategy is to shut them down.


Yeah no it isn't.

Totalitarian "Anti-"Racism At Cornell

This is utter madness, and the faculty, students and administrators should tell those issuing the demands to go to hell. 
As I've been saying for nearly a decade now: those who claim that this can even possibly remain isolated to universities are clueless. There is no chance of that whatsoever. And it wouldn't matter if it could or would: it's still insane totalitarianism. People at universities, you see, count, too. No one should submit to such lunacy. 
Universities sow the seeds of left-wing insanity. Its tendrils then grow throughout the rest of society--especially its most powerful/influential institutions. Allow this idiocy to spread, and your child will be indoctrinated with it in five years. Of course your child is probably already being indoctrinated with it now. You'll be in for indoctrination at work. Your parents will be getting it in the old-folks' home. Progressive-left madness is already everywhere, and it's getting worse and more widespread by the day.
   The left never stops. It fell off the edge of reason years ago, and it just keeps rocketing leftward on the way down.
   Trump, for all his faults, has taken a rock-solid stand against this, the biggest threat the nation faces. Blue-team attitudes range from lukewarm opposition to feverish commitment to even more radical radicalism. 
   Now is the time for all sane men to come to the aid of Western civilization.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Peaceful Protestors Dox Cops, Threaten Them, Make Harassing Calls To Their Parents In Front Of Them

 These people are evil. In case you you somehow haven't noticed.

Muller's Team Wiped 31 Phones, Allegedly Accidentally, Allegedly Without Reviewing Their Contents

I'm sure all these apparent shenanigans constitute one big coincidence.

The Medicalization Of Everything:: CDC: You Can't Evict Renters For Not Paying Rent

Not for the rest of 2020, anyway.

This is the sort of BS that's going to allow them to take our guns on the grounds that they pose a public health threat.

Shorter David Frum: On "Cuties"

   Trump supporters are so angry because of Trump that their anger had to come out...and it was randomly directed at quasi-kiddie-pr0n...which was broadcast by an extremely left-progressive company...and the fact that conservatives have, for years, predicted that pedophilia would be the next sexual transgression the left would try to normalize has absolutely nothing to do with it...
   Trump has really made those people lose their marbles.

How Leftists Define Theft

Biden: We Need A President Who Tells The Truth

I couldn't agree more.
Truth and reason are of paramount importance. 
Trump's Trump--bullshitter, hyperbolizer, inarticulate asserter of inarticulate assertions. Occasional outright liar.
OTOH: the progressive left is now outright opposed to the very idea of truth. Its core commitment is to political correctness, which means: the subordination of truth and reason to dogma. It's more the enemy of the truth than even the religious right. It waves the banner of science, but colonizes and corrupts it, subordinates it to politics. Prope-Lysenkoism. The progressive left squelches inquiry and free speech precisely because it is opposed to reason and truth. Its devoted adherents live in a web of lies and delusions, from global warming hystericism to Russiagate to Russiagategate and its suppression, to the lies of BLM.
Bad as Trump is in this respect, he's nothing compared to the other side. And Biden is wholly a man of the other side. He'll advance their anti-alethic, anti-epistemic project because there's not enough left of him to oppose it. 
Forced into a choice between the two, Trump wins by a mile, according to me.
Furthermore, Trump's ill-tempered obnoxiousness has a tendency to smoke out bullshit on the other side. He's a contrarian who won't be cowed. And there's a helluvalot to be said for that...even in a package with all his vices.
Finally, the threat to the country today is almost entirely from the ascendance of the left. The cult runs the country. It's got to be our primary target. The right is a feeble thing, currently.
So, adding everything up, it's Trump.
It took me years to see that, and another year to admit it, but there it is.
By Henley's fallibilistic principle: I could be wrong, but I'm not.

FIRE: The Emperor's New Clothes And Independent Thought


Did Conservatives And Trump Contribute To The Chaos By Freaking Out About Symbolic Kneeling?

   My stated view is that kneeling during the national anthem is a respectful, permissible form of protest.
   Kaepernick was wrong because BLM is wrong--police are not committing racially-motivated mass-murder against black men in America. 
   But, though false, it's no less reasonable than all sorts of American political views. The view is within the realm of reason, and the form of protest is permissible. So, though it's the sort of thing you ought to try to talk people out of, it's not the sort of view that should provoke the kind of intemperate hostility we saw from Trump. Certainly the President needs to just say something like: I disagree, but he's within his rights
   Which, incidentally, is what a President should have said about Unite the Right. And, as it turns out, Unite the Right caused less harm than BLM has caused. (Except insofar as UtR helped BLM.) 
   At any rate: it's possible that we'd all be better off if Trump and conservatives had been less unfriendly toward Kaepernick and symbolic kneeling.
   Though, honestly, I kinda doubt it. I'm not sure anything could have slowed down this train.

Everybody Get'cher Boys Under Control *Before* Any Post-Election Tension

Look, if Trump loses, he's outta there. I'm supporting him, and I'd be out yelling in the streets if he lost and tried to stay in the White House. Which he would not do.
   Let me note again that it is Team Blue that has been attempting a series of quasi-coups for the last 3.5 years. And they're the ones who seem to be flirting with another two quasi-coups right now--Schiff is cooking up Rooskiegate 3.0, and they've been wargaming out post-election strategies, and saying things like: Biden shouldn't concede under any circumstances
   Not to mention the vote-by-mail scheme that seems designed to create post-election chaos.'s that side that's the real worry.
   But, for my part, I'd never take either side defying clear election results laying down. 
   I think we ought to get Gore to oversee any post-election problems. He's got a proven record of nonpartisan commitment to the system--but Team Red would never go for that.
   Anyway. The thing to do is to start managing tensions now. It'd also give us a better election. 
   I don't think the Dems would go for it. Their election strategy seems to be built on scurrilous rumors and outright lies about Trump.
   Trump, for his part, seems almost incapable of civility. Which is his biggest flaw--and a disqualifying one under normal conditions, IMO.
   But if we can't simmer things down a bit now, it's going to be a lot harder to do so after/during a disputed election and vote-count.
   The best thing either side could do--or so it seems to me, not really understanding the details--would be to dump the vote-by-mail scheme. I say do whatever it takes to get the Dems to dump it. Will it take a massive infusion of "federal" [1] money for additional polling places and anti-batflu measures? DO IT. Whatever it takes. Whatever it is will be cheaper than a disputed election. 
   I dunno. Maybe I don't really understand what's going on.

[1] This is a weird usage. Of course it's the national government, not the federal government. 'Federalism' is the system of dividing power between the states and the national government. Why do people always misuse the term?

Friday, September 11, 2020

9/11 + 19

Hard to believe.
Wish we could recapture even a bit of that unity.

86% Of Americans Say Media Is Biased

 The real head-scratcher: what planet are the other 14% living on?

THREE Nobel-Peace-Prize-Worthy Foreign Policy Achievements?: Israel and Bahrain Normalize Relations

Pub HQ Richmond Vandalized Overnight, Windows Shattered

What a surprise.
I can't believe leftist thugs would do such a thing.

Fans Boo Political Display By Players At First NFL Game...Media Bullshits About It

First, I had a helluva time finding the video, then some had the booing covered over by music...then, even worse, I had to link to the Guardian to link to it.
Then...hey...what do you think this shows?
Maybe that sports shouldn't be politicized?
No way, bigot.
Maybe it means that football should be turned into weekly lectures on "white privilege" by Ibram X. Kendi...

Trump Nominated For Second Nobel Peace Prize...And He Deserves This One, Too

But...but...but...Orange Man tweet mean...😕
I make fun...but I think Trump's demeanor problems are important.
But not as important as (a) his good policies and appointments, and (b) the fact that the opposition party has lost its mind.

There's No Reasoning With The Hysterical Left--They're Still Defending Jussie Smollett

If you still think there's any chance this jackass was telling the truth, then your bullshit detector is completely busted.
But these people aren't merely defending Smollett--they're fanning the flames of race-hysteria--on the basis of obviously fabricated evidence. 
At this point, it's just a cult.

Krugman's Lost It

How was Trump's response to the Wuhan virus? 
I think what Scott Adams thinks: we don't know (yet).
Two important points that I've made in the past, and he also made: 
First: the question isn't: how'd he do given what we know now? It's: how'd he do given what we knew then?
Second, we'll have to control for a whole lot of factors to figure this out.
Trump clearly did some things really right--e.g. throttling down on travel from China, his ventilator plan, sending hospital ships to NYC. He was almost certainly right to want to open back up by Easter. 
His most notable failure, IMO, was characteristic: his erratic verbal actions at the press conferences. It was so bad I had to stop watching. 
   The press conference stuff was so bad that it seemed to me to be further proof that Trump doesn't belong anywhere near the White House. He just can't control his mouth. It's such a weakness that even making up for it with his many strengths...well, it just doesn't seem to work that way. Or so I often think. If one aspect of your Presidenting game is that weak--so weak that it falls below a certain threshold--there's no making up for it.
   But, as usual, the progressive left complicates the situation by being flat-out nuts. Krugman is an idiot...did that guy really win a Nobel in economics??? Seems unpossible. Here he is not only cramming Charlottesville, holy Charlottesville into a story on the batflu, thus allowing him to suggest that Trump is like Nazis, but also claiming that Trump basically killed people on purpose.
   He uses, among other things, the idiotic progressive argument that Trump is somehow responsible for all the batflu deaths. In fact, of course, one implication of my points above is that we don't know what Trump's effect on the death toll was. Cuomo is the only person we know of who, basically, killed a lot of people. We don't know hot Trump did compared to other world leaders, nor compared to, say, Obama or Biden. We just don't know.
   Another thing I agree with Adams on, though I hadn't formulated the thought clearly and he has--many times: leadership probably didn't have a lot to do with it. 
   I'll bet that, if Trump did have much of an effect, it was generally positive. The press probably had a negative effect. It probably took years off my life by feeding us incoherent, hysterical, politically-motivated disinformation. I can't believe that, by that point, I was still listening to the insane people at the NYT and Washington Post... The batflu panic cured me of that--they cannot be trusted.
   Anyway: we don't know how Trump did, and we won't know for quite some time, if ever. But there's almost no reason to think that Biden would have done any better.

Rooskiegate 3.0?

Trump really has made the Democrats lose their minds.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The University Of Michigan Holds Separate Events For Whites And Nonwhites


Obama Doesn't Understand Climate Change


Vox: Authoritarianism Isn't All That Bad

The Left Is Mean And Intolerant

 Stop the presses.

Promises Made, Promises Kept


Mount Holyoke Name And Pronoun Policies

 You really can't make this shit up.

Trump Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize

Not only did he get a nomination, he deserves to get the prize.
He deserves it way, way more than Obama ever did.
I supported Obama and I support Trump now. But Obama got the thing before he'd ever done anything--and he never deserved it. Trump richly deserves it, but will never be seriously considered for it.
That tells you a lot about the power of the leftist globalists.

Trump To Withdraw 1,200 Troops From Iraq


"Code Pink"--not that anyone cares what they think--most just REEEEEEs about him not bringing them all home.

My University Is Become A Social-Justice Re-Education Camp That Occasionally Teaches Courses

  We've just been informed that we'll be designating some courses in the core curriculum as "diversity" courses, and to complete their core requirements, a certain number of their courses will have to have been so designated. Which means: more leftist indoctrination.
   We've also just been informed that the administration wants to "upgrade" the core curriculum to make it more "relevant"...which means: more "diversity" bullshit. Which means: still more leftist indoctrination.
   And the faculty won't make a peep. In fact, most of them will be behind it.
  They won't be happy until we turn this place into a f*cking gulag.
   Universities were one of mankind's greatest achievements while they lasted.
   Make sure to vote for Harris-Biden if you'd like to hasten the decline and fall.

Bad Michigan Poll Result

Media "Fact"-Checks: No, Trump Has Not Made 20k "False Or Misleading Claims"

Mark Hemmingway busts 'em...but pig-wrestling is a demoaralizing enterprise from the perspective of the non-pig. And he's right about Trump as well: Trump's got a "style of communication" that generates a lot of inaccuracy and hyperbole. Even when you eliminate the enormous amount of bullshit from the "data"bases, you're left with a lot of false and misleading claims. There's plenty of room to criticize the real Trump...but the media's TDS makes straw Trumping irresistible to them. 
Just to start, here’s one of Trump’s most oft-repeated “lies,” according to Washington Post fact checkers: “My job was made harder by phony witch hunts, by ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ nonsense.” The Post dings Trump for some variation of this claim 227 times – more than 1% of Trump’s alleged untruths. Yet, the Post’s justification for why Trump is wrong to say this is pure pettifogging.

...because Trump's "lies" about that were actually true--and importantly true. And that's just one--though a major--example.  
   Hemmingway does conclude that the Post's fact-checking is the best of the bunch, though, and reports that they're at least responsive to criticism.
   I'd also point out, however, that this isn't just a defense of Trump--it's a substantial criticism of / problem with the media. They've been such lying liars that this, I think, has to be taken into account even when it comes to making a decision about elections. I find myself convinced that I should vote in a way designed to weaken the whole progressive-left alliance of institutions. The Dems capitulated to the progressive left, which is now running that show. That's bad enough. But they also have their own dedicated, delusional propaganda apparatus. Not to mention: a Ministry Of Brainwashing Schoolkids. Not to mention: a Ministry of Intellectual Rectitude at universities. Not to mention...all the other low-information, high-PC institutions in the alliance.
   Anyway: as I've long said: that 20,000 number is bullshit.

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Preparing For Post-Election "Unrest"

Maybe one thing we could do:
   Local Dems and Pubs could start planning for cooperative post-election discussion and cooperation if things start looking bad. There's nothing we can do about the media--it's rabidly partisan and has a financial interest in creating and sustaining hysteria, as we saw during the first months of the pandemic. But local, face-to-face interactions are more likely--in my experience--to be reasonable. In a way, it's us against the media. They win if we lose our heads.
   It still won't be easy, of course. As I've made clear, I think the Dems have gone down a very dangerous path. But that doesn't mean they're a lost cause--especially, again, at the ground level. There's bound to be significant anger and irrationality on the red team too. Needless to say. 
   We've got to strive to bring out the better angels of our nature.

Could The Dems Return To The Center If Trump Loses?

This seems to me to be the most important question. 
My guess is: the odds aren't high enough to risk it. Especially since Biden is waning, and Harris is very far to the left.
Who'd get the nod for VP after Biden bowed out? Dunno. Maybe Bernie, to appease that faction? But they'd be looking ahead to '24, wouldn't they? I'd think they'd want a white guy...but who if not Bernie? 
Not that Veep matters much. 
I don't see Harris having a successful administration. The Pubs could then run a righter woman in '24 and win. Noem? Maybe Haley? 
I keep trying to make a Harris-Biden or Harris-? administration work out in my head in a non-disastrous way...but with 1-2 SCOTUS appointments...I don't see it. They're too deep into crazytown...if they win the Presidency, they could well have coattails. And if they take the Senate, we're all right well fucked. They might well follow through with their threats to abolish the filibuster, abolish the EC, and add DC and Puerto Rico as states. Oh and: pack the court. There's probably no coming back from that. That's an irrevocable step toward the end of the USA..
Sigh. Well, all rational paths forward still seem to lead through Donald Trump, reality television star...
Fortunately, the real Trump is much, much less bad than the straw Trump of fevered progressive imaginings.
Not the darkest timeline, perhaps...but one of the weirdest.

[Also: I sure hope the polls are as crooked as conservatives think...because they do not look good.]

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

BLM/Pantyfa Riots May Be Part Of Democrat Power Grab / Coup Attempt

 Um, yes.

At any other time in my life, this would be a crazy suggestion if directed at either party.

Today, given the radicalization of the Democrats...I cannot rule it out.

Progressive-Left-Democratic Violence Is Great! Trump Using This Genuine Matter Of Concern To American Voters As A Campaign Issue...TOTALLY NOT OK, BIGOTS

 The media has come unhinged.

This ComPost bullshit is basically the REPUBLICANS POUNCE! theme. When Pubs do something stupid, that's the story. When Dems do something stupid, the Pub reaction is the story. How dare they exploit the fact that Dems are terrible!...and for electoral advantage! you assholes really think you're in any position to complain about "being fixated on gruesome images" ("of crime")? The blue team is fixated on images of cops doing their jobs...and on misrepresenting it as crime.

Your Blue Future: BLM Rioters Attack Rochester Diners; Restaurants Side With Rioters

"We will always side with Herr Hitler and his Brown Shirts and all those who seek to fulfill the destiny of der Volk."
   Is it just me, or are the super-peaceful social justice riots for peace and justice getting pretty routinely violent? 
   The progressive left and its media are still insisting that they're "mostly peaceful," because they think you'll go along with it. Because they're betting on you being so afraidn of being called a racist that you'd much rather have a mob swarm you and your family while your out eating...throw your food and drink on the ground, smash your plates in front of you, and make it very clear that if you don't run away, you'll be physically attacked by the mob.
   Of course they're a bunch of  ****ies, and would not be half so aggressive if numbers were equal...but they always make sure the numbers aren't equal. And both sides know that the BLM thugs are protected by the law in blue jurisdictions...
   And: imagine a right-wing mob doing 1/10th this much, and the media defending it as "non-violent" or "mostly peaceful." And imagine the restaurants then professing their support for the wingnuts...
   The Unite the Right gang was way, way less violent than this bunch. Even the tiki-torch Nazi march was less violent than these riots. And on the day of UtR, they were just trying to get to the park, demonstrate, and leave--but Charlottesville set them up to be attacked, and funneled them through the left-wing mob. Without the left-wing mob attack, there's no attack by Fields. The unconstitutional violence by the left-wing mob at Charlottesville--clearly visible in all the footage--is simply ignored. The wingnuts trying to engage in legal assembly--and one nutjob driving into a crowd--are still spoken of in hushed terms three years later. The BLM/Antifa riots have been much more extensive, much more violent, and very, very illegal...the media is still insisting that war is peace on their behalf...
   There is no possible world in which the MSM watches footage of wingnuts mobbing a restaurant and smashing people's meals right in front of them and calls them "mostly peaceful." Which is good...because it's fucking insane... But here we are, watching the same thing happening with the polarity reversed, while our "news" media...our "journalists" sit there telling us that what we're seeing is peaceful.
   If you're not outraged by every bit of this, I have no idea what to say to you. We don't even have any reason to believe that the cops in question acted wrongly. The man that died was losing it, and was spitting at them--during the time of a pandemic that the left assures us is a modern bubonic plague. The cops deployed something called a "spit hood"...which I take to be made specifically as a solution to this problem. And I assume its use is sanctioned by the Rochester police department. I haven't read a single expert saying that they did anything wrong.
   But the message of BLM, Pantyfa, progressives, Democrats and all our cultural betters seems to be: no matter what, if a black man dies in a conflict with the police or whites, then you'd better get ready for some mob violence. 
   And still I see people all around me supporting this shit. Again: mostly, it seems, because they'd rather face mob violence, anarchy, and the destruction of the nation than risk being called racist.

Dems Wargame Post-Election Conflict; Wherein There Is Significant Ratfuckery

The crazening of the Dems worries me more almost every day. I guess it's good news that this organization won't engage in "mass mobilization" if Trump wins the EC but not the popular vote...since, y'know, that's what it means to win the election... So at least that organization isn't planning on refusing to accept the result if they don't like it. But the rest of this article doesn't inspire confidence:
   While the sheer number of groups and volunteers involved in the effort has given organizers hope, there is some fear that they may not all be operating from the same playbook. Two sources involved with the FBT discussions said they worry Biden would concede a contested election too early, with an eye toward ensuring a peaceful transition of power. Inside the coalition, there is dispute over whether Biden should even concede if he wins the popular vote but loses the Electoral College, à la Clinton in 2016 and Gore in 2000
   Under that scenario, Eldridge said, his organization would not support mass mobilization. “I support the national popular vote,” he explained. “Our organization does advocacy for the popular vote... Unfortunately, the Electoral College is the system that we have.”
   But the Transition Integrity Project noted that there would be immense pressure on Biden to fight it out if, for the third time in 20 years, the Democratic candidate won the popular vote but didn’t take office. In a simulation they ran, Team Biden “encouraged Western states, particularly California but also Oregon and Washington, and collectively known as ‘Cascadia,’ to secede from the Union” unless structural reforms were made. In exchange for Trump getting the presidency, for instance, Republicans would need to agree to abolish the Electoral College, give Puerto Rico and D.C. statehood, and divide California into five states for better Senate representation.
   A top official participating in the FBT discussions said the possibility of an Electoral College-popular vote split did come up and that there were mixed opinions over what to do.
   “It’s the hardest scenario,” the source said. “It’s 2016. But it’s that plus all Trump has done on voter suppression. So I think there is a question but I think both sides are going to fight this till the very end.”
   And what, we asked, was the very end?
   “I don’t know,” the official replied.

Trump is probably ready to fight a murky result...and he should be. Especially given that the Dems seem to be going all-in on the dirty tricks. They're letting their Blackshirts threaten, intimidate, attack and even kill people suspected of being Trump supporters. The vote-by-mail scheme is just off the scale nuts. Their MSM propaganda wing is spewing an even higher volume of lies than is normal. They're talking about refusing to abide by the Constitution's Electoral College system. I'm sure they'll try to convince some electors to be faithless. And, of course: they've basically been doing stuff approximately as dastardly for four years now...

   Gore handled the election debacle of 2000 admirably. The Pubs did not. I don't expect either side to rise anywhere near Gorean levels this time around. But I hope to avoid a catastrophe. 

Don't Forget: If YOU Use Words The Left Doesn't Like, You Are Committing Violence Against Them; But THEIR Roving, Violent Mobs Are Merely Engaging In Free Speech

 If you fail to use their very, very most up-to-date jargon, this not only causes but constitutes a violent attack against them. However, they are permitted to mob you and beat you down...just free speech, man...which they don't even believe in, so...

Sometimes I think this is very much like a simulation--an experiment to see how insane they can become before the remnants of the liberal center are capable of realizing--or willing to admit--that the left has gone stark, raving nuts.

I still think that getting the center-left to accept--pretty much immediately and almost entirely without argument--that men can become women just by dressing differently was the most significant recent turning point. After all, if you can get people to accept--or say they accept--a material contradiction involving only some of the simplest concepts we have...what can't you get them to accept / endorse?

What If The Riots Were Right-Wing Riots In Red States/Cities?

This is not a difficult game:
   Do you want to play a game?
   It's politics with a twist. That game of "what if?" you played as a kid:
   So, what if, rather than liberal Democratic mayors in Democratic towns being overwhelmed by violence, things were reversed?
   What if these were Republican mayors, in red states, overwhelmed by violent protests from the right wing, confronted by people in MAGA hats or those middle-aged anti-tax tea party activists who always seemed to clean up after themselves when they protested?
   What if they were the ones rioting, burning and looting during their "mostly peaceful" protests, with bail money for the arrested provided by the staff of a Republican presidential candidate, and media making it clear there was great political value in the violence?
   And what if those Republican activists confronted fellow citizens in restaurants, shouting at them, demanding they demonstrate fealty to their politics by raising a fist?
   What if Republican mayors, rather than restore order in their ruined cities and towns, just hid in publicly subsidized fortresses, or bunkered behind police walls while the rest of you were left on your own, and then those mayors just ran off?
   What if, then?
   Would the media -- and I don't mean just the Democratic Corporate Media Complex along the Washington Beltway but also conservative journals such as National Review and The Federalist -- give the Republican candidate a pass?

Trump's Net Worth Falls From $3 to $2.5 Billion

 If he only cares about making money, he's freakin' terrible at it.

21 On-The-Record Denials Of Atlantic Aisne-Marne Hit Job On Trump

And I know of fifty more anonymous denials...but I can't name the people because they don't want Twitter to be mean to them.

MSNBC: Harris-Biden Campaign "Lacks Dynamism"

 Gosh, that's really too bad.

Your Blue Future: Crazy BLM Crazies Invade A McDonald's

Kamala Harris Told Rapist Jacob Blake She Was "Proud Of Him"; Or: Women Always Come Last To The Left

 I mean, aside from the hated straightwhitemale, of course...


By its Own lights, The PC Left Is UnPC

 Its roots are in Marxism, the most deadly ideology in human history.

So it is irredeemable.


"Scholar Strike" An Omen Of Things To Come?

 Well, if you mean the politicization and derationalization of universities...they've already come.

I held some unscheduled office hours today, my classes will, of course, go on as usual tomorrow, and I think I'll add an office hour or two.

Academia doesn't need to be any fuller of shit than it already is.

Trump Blocks Critical Race Theory "Training" In Gov't

   This is an extremely important move.
   As I've said, IMO this alone might warrant re-electing him.
   It's not exactly CRT that's the problem, though. The problem is that, at least since the PC/pomo fads of the '80s, the academic/activist left has developed a bunch of kooky theories of race and "gender." These include components with roots in postmodernism, Marxism, critical theory, feminism, social constructionism, and some other stuff. They're not crazy nor wrong about everything...but nearly so. And a lot of it's just batshit. You could remove the CRT parts and still have a lot of crazy in there.
   And: the left thinks it's right about everything, and, in its echo-chamber, often doesn't even realize that others disagree, nor that their own view is idiosyncratic. To they extent that they're aware of other views, they see them as antiquated and to be overcome.
   So: the first problem: the left's views of these matters tend to be nutty.
   The second problem is that these sessions are represented as "training." That means: indoctrination. These nutty views are imparted as if they were known--or even could be known. 
   What ought to be discussion at most is packaged as training--ergo it's brainwashing.
   "Training" in leftist race theory (which, again, is broader than just CRT) is like training in Christianity or Scientology, or reliabilism or utilitarianism. These aren't things that normal people get trained in--at most, they're things to be informed about and discussed.
   Discussions about theories about race and discrimination ought to include discussions of leftist theories on race and discrimination..but not be built around them. 
   Two more things: 
First, CRT is basically a kind of social-studies-y philosophy. It's not something known to be true, it's often unfalsifiable...and where falsifiable, falsified...
Second, some CT proponents (e.g. Marcuse) think it's not philosophy at all, but a type of social science (often: economics). Central to such philosophical views is the idea that they're not philosophy at all, but (social) science. That's a kind of standard Marxist conceit. 
   Anyway: Trump's ostentatiously right again. And much, much righter than the entire progressive left. 
   Not bad for a dummy.
   Trump gets a lot right just by reacting as any normal, sane, reasonably smart person ought to react to the insanity sweeping through the left--and that often involves: not allowing himself to be cowed by the left shrieking "RACIST!" at him.