Friday, August 28, 2020

The Washington Post Yet Again Refers To Russiagategate As A "Conspiracy Theory"

 My God I can't even bear to vent my anger about this anymore, nor call them the ComPost...

Sometimes this strikes me as too serious and too tragic to joke about. 

Anyone who's paying attention and who isn't trapped in the progressive echo-chamber knows that Russiagategate looks more like the biggest political scandal since Watergate--at least!--by the week. I really did respect the Post. For decades. Foolish me, I now think.

Lying in private is one thing, I suppose. I honestly didn't think that the PMSM would able to maintain this pose for this long. Straight-up denying the facts, right out in front of God and everybody, week after week after week. But truth simply doesn't matter to extremists. And progressivism is an extremist movement. 

Democracy dies in (self-)delusion, I reckon. When the dust settles, the Post--if it ever comes to its senses--should force itself to put something like that on its masthead. 


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