Friday, August 21, 2020

The "Very Fine People" Lie

 Oh, yeah:

Among all the other lies and distortions, Biden trotted out the "very fine people" lie again.

And again I say: for all Trumps alethic and epistemic failings, he is less the enemy of truth and reason than the cult of Progressitarianism.

Trump gets all excited and bullshits and whatnot...but the progressive left has constructed a massive, complex web of lies and delusions that its adherents and institutions work assiduously to sustain. The "very fine people" lie is just one of innumerable examples. It's false and easily proven so, and yet they collectively turn it into a "fact" by repeating it and repeating it an repeating it. Not in some off-handed, heat-of-the-moment, impulsive indiscretion like Trump might. But intentionally, officially, collectively. 

[zombie voice] Very fine people...very fine people...very fine people...


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