Friday, August 21, 2020

Scott Adams Is Pissed: Biden And The "Very Fine People" Lie

Adams is pissed.

 He says he's taking it personally--I tend to not do that. But his reasons are good: Not only are Biden et al. lying sacks of shit...but they are painting targets on the backs of Trump supporters.

Interestingly, the left falsely argues that the rest of us are barred from speaking/discussing certain truths because speaking those truths will directly cause injury and death to people who are nonwhite. 

In actual fact, violence is being directed against non-progressives as a political weapon...Biden et al. are lying...and those lies are, in fact, likely to increase the likelihood of violence, property crime, harassment, etc. against us.

I'm not worried. I live in a safe place and I can take care of myself. But this is an outrage. Again: I care mostly about the fact that progressivism is anti-truth and anti-reason. I care mostly about the fact that progressivism is a massive web of quasi-religious lies and delusions. By comparison, Donald freaking Trump is a defender of truth and reason...for the very love of God. Think about that.

But the lies are of a particularly harmful sort. They convince black Americans (and, to some extent, some other minorities) that America hates them--and white Americans in particular. And they have begun to lay out all the premises needed to support a conclusion to the effect that violence against the government, whites, and non-progressives is justified. 

And, as Adams notes: It's particularly repulsive to hear all this BS about Biden, the compassionate and love and the soul of our country...while they have made a scurrilous web of destructive lies the centerpiece of their campaign. I'd say Adams is wrong to represent the VFP lie as central--that's merely their current flagship lie. That lie itself is merely the tip of the iceberg, and representative of the new Democratic hard-left progressivism generally. I'll add that all that shit about love isn't actually inconsistent with lies. So the repulsiveness isn't based on a contradiction, but on something else...hard for me to say what. 

Though it does make me want to say: f*ck love, you assholes. Tell the truth and defend the Constitution. Your "love"--like your "justice"--is worse than worthless. They're bullshit Trojan horses inside which you want to hide your totalitarian utopianism. 

Whelp, I hate bein' right all the time. But: I told ya so. 

One of our major political factions has lost its fucking mind. They're the biggest threat we now face. Bigger than China, I'd say...though it's complicated by the fact that, in many ways, they and the CCP are working toward similar goals...


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