Thursday, August 27, 2020

Republicans Pounce! The Lying Sack Of Shit Washington Post Lies The Same Lie The Harris-Biden Campaign Is Lying

When the Pubs screw up, that's the story.

When the Dems screw up, the Pub's reaction is the story.

So the leftist / Democrat / MSM talking points aren't: Dems refuse to condemn riots.

Rather, the talking points suggest that, somehow, Trump is evil for benefitting from the Democrat's psychopathy. How dare Trump recognize that the Democrat endorsement of domestic terrorism and anarcho-communist race riots will drive voters to him!

All the Dems have to do is stop endorsing anarcho-communist race riots. 

Pretty damn simple.

Instead, their strategy is to accuse Trump of seeing their unhinged failings as "useful"--as if he were rooting for the riots...instead of calling for the Dems to stop tacitly endorsing them.

These people are despicable.


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