Wednesday, August 26, 2020

RCP Biden Lead In Top Battleground States Down To 3.7%

Now it's a race between the facts and the media.

If the actual details of the mostly peaceful social justice riots for peace and justice manage to leak out by October, we should be able to dodge disaster. 

Or, for that matter, the fact that BLM is a massive hate crime hoax based on demonstrable falsehoods.

For that matter, if even the main outlines--let alone the details--of Russiagategate can manage to penetrate the media's doxastic forcefield, we should be able to dodge disaster.

I don't want to have to rely on "shy Trump voters," even though we know they're there. I'd rather they serve as an emergency cushion.

But, as is common for conservatives to observe: since the Dems are intentionally conditioning the battlespace in such a way as to virtually guarantee chaos and uncertainty, we have to win big. Otherwise we'll find ourselves in a kind of tossup, with the entire media propaganda apparatus working 24/7 for the blues. That is not a winning proposition.


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