Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Progressive "Antiracism" Is Just More Semantic Legerdemain--It's Racist, And It Ignores Actual Discrimination, Pursuing Leftist Social Change Instead

   Leftist intellectuals tend to be wordy--tend to be literary intellectuals--and one of their main tactics is to simply redefine and otherwise misuse terms ("woman," "racism" "violence") or introduce new ones that sneak in politically non-neutral presuppositions ("privilege," "anti-racism," "social justice"). 
   There are actually interesting issues about race and racism, but they have been completely swamped by the tsunami of utter bullshit flooding our national discussion from the left--especially the intellectual left. Which also means: the humanities and qualitative social sciences.
   I'm absolutely in favor of thinking about this stuff in a serious way. But the methodological failings of the postpostmodern mishmash of craptastic pseudophilosophical ideas that motivate the intellectual left have made their contributions worse than useless. They've corrupted the public discussion and need to be wiped away. We'd be a lot better off wiping the slate clean and starting over using more ordinary concepts--e.g. advantage, disadvantage, and discrimination rather that "privilege."


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