Friday, August 28, 2020

NYT Hits The Panic Button

 It's all fun and games until someone loses an election.

The progressive/Dems/MSM have exaggerated and outright lied about the prevalence and severity of racism until they've painted a picture that makes riots--and even sweeping, violent revolution--not only permissible but, arguably, obligatory. Now, having lied those lies, and, consequently, tolerated the rioting those lies warrant...well, they've got the tiger by the tail. It doesn't make a lot of sense to stop the rioting if you believe what the blue team professes--and, in some cases, seems genuinely--to believe. So they've either got to let the riots proceed, or admit that they were lying / delusional about the "systemic racism" scam. 

Like NBA players who talk a big game until something more than words is on the line, the blue team now has to decide between (a) sticking to its pious new principles and losing an election, or (b) admit that it was all bullshit all along. Though, of course, they could argue for stopping the riots and admit it's a mere temporary political which case we'll know they intend to start them up again after the election...

The root of all of this is political correctness, the subordination of evidence and truth to political dogma. The correct course of action is the conservative one: admit there are still problems with policing, but deny the lie about police indiscriminately killing black Americans. But the left simply can't bring itself to deny its cherished dogmas on the basis of mere falsehood. 

That's the downfall of extremism. Facts are stubborn things, after all...


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