Saturday, August 29, 2020

NPR "In Defense Of Looting," Or: Vicky Osterweil May Be The Stupidest Person In The World

Just one more reason public funding for NPR.
The fact that it makes exactly no effort at all to be objective is one thing. 
More importantly, though: it's just really stupid, and I don't thing public money should be used to fill the air with dumbassery.
And this guy's arguments, in particular, are just stupid as hell. I have to wonder whether it might actually be a parody. On the one had, it's rather hard to believe he's serious...on the other...well...I guess these arguments are about par for the course for the contemporary left.
Much of the problem, as I've said, is that a kind of corrupt pseudo-philosophy that's a mixture of some of the dumbest ideas of the last fifty years has taken over the humanities and qualitative social sciences, and those are the disciplines that produce the people who man the grievance industry etc. At the core of this nonsense are a bunch of bad theories of reasoning. And once bad methods of reasoning are adopted, they just keep pumping out more and more bullshit.


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