Monday, August 24, 2020

News Of The Cult: Kellyanne Conway Edition

 I saw this crazy shit yesterday about how Kellyanne Conway's daughter was threatening to seek legal "emancipation" from her family because Conway was working for Trump. Of course she shotgunned Twitter with juvenile, overly-personal crap.

Today Conway announced she'll be leaving the Trump team.

This is right in line with a common, and newly-emphasized progressive tactic: severing ties with family-members who support Trump. 

Typical cult tactic.

So now Trump loses a valued advisor because her daughter--who undoubtedly knows nothing much about politics--threatens to use the law to leave the family if she stays.

[Here's her daughter's comments on some kind of social medium or other after finding out KAC quit. What a sad basket case. From wearing a swimsuit to the aimless, brainless, rambling, self-pitying nonsense she's spouting...sad all the way around. I couldn't listen to more than about 1 minute of it total.]


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