Friday, August 21, 2020

Media Matters And Others Double Down On The "Very Fine People" Lie


 My God, these people.

I mean--everybody knows that MMFA is a despicable, lying lot... But this seems notable even by their standards...

Well, actually, I should have predicted that folks on that side would try this out--they really can't concede this point. Harris and Biden went too far in on it. It would be hard to back out now.

The progressive left has tried out such arguments before, actually... But, then, sticking to their lies about Trump's alleged racism really is their, again, I should have seen this coming. Years after the fact I saw well-known talking heads insist that he had said that all Mexicans are rapists... Even when busted on it, they insisted that they had heard it with their own ears!!!!

But even if Harris-Biden, MMFA, et al. were right about all their premises, the most that could possibly do is catch Trump in an honest and understandable mistake...which still wouldn't mean that he'd said what they accuse him of...and Biden et al. would still be lying sacks of shit.

There were plenty of perfectly ordinary people who opposed removal of the statues, and who had protested that removal. At the time, it was perfectly reasonable to think that some of them had at least shown up to participate in Unite the Right--at that point, it wasn't clear that there would be so many white supremacists, white separatists, etc. there. (There were, it seems, only three actual Nazis, who were widely suspected of being LARPERS / false-flaggers, actually.) These were the people Trump was talking about--as he explicitly said: he wasn't saying that they were "very fine people,"--he was condemning them completely (or whatever he said). 

All that remains true even if no ordinary people protested against removal of the monuments the night before.

MMFA is trying to say that Trump was referring to the tiki-torch mob--which did protest the night before. But, of course, he wasn't. Those guys, so far as anyone can tell, are all white separatists, supremacists, etc....the very people Trump explicitly said he wasn't talking about. Even if there were, somehow, some non-white x-ists in there, Trump clearly intended to exclude them from the extension of "very fine people."

The fact of the matter is: 

Trump was very clearly not in any way saying that Klan types and Nazis were "very fine people"... He in fact explicitly said that's not what he was saying. He was talking about ordinary people on the other side of the monument issue. At the very worst, he was mistaken about when they protested. But there is simply no even vaguely plausible interpretation of his words according to which he was intending to say that those rioters were "very fine people." 

MMFA is basically trying to find some narrow, contrived, bullshit interpretation that will allow them to claim that there's a way around Trump's explicit denial, and which would, therefore, allow them to argue that technically he didn't rule out the very thing he was so obviously trying to rule out...and which progressives are now lying about.

This is just fucking despicable--but this isn't in any notable way unusual for the progressive left. This is one of their most common tactics--find some absurd, contrived, irresponsible and uncharitable interpretation that will give them thin cover for pretending that all their opponents are racists. 

There are too many examples to recount--God knows how many every day. But one example concerns 'MAGA.' Their argument that that's racist, such as it is, goes roughly like this:

Trump says we should make America great again... So he's saying that there was some time at which America was great in the past. But at many times in the past, America was very racist. Therefore, Trump must be saying that is the fact that it was racist that made it great--which is, of course racist. And therefore it is specifically the racist elements of the past that Trump wants to revivify. 

Now, if you are willing to accept arguments like that, there's not much I can do for you.


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