Saturday, August 22, 2020

Media "Fact"-Checks: Did The DNC Drop 'Under God' From the Pledge Of Allegiance?

 Actual true answer: Yeah, sometimes--about 1/3-1/2 of the time?

Media "fact"-checks say: no. Good on Snopes which says: half-true.

AP says that they kept it in all four nights to kick off the evening festivities, but dropped it during two "recitations" at caucus meetings. But I also saw it dropped in one video they showed...and the dude ended it by saying..."with liberty and justice for all...some day." Which, meh.

So it seems to have been dropped at least 3/7 times. And I'd actually bet more, since the media isn't going to track this down too assiduously. 

I don't recite the PoA, which I consider to be creepy and unAmerican. And I don't care about dropping 'under God,' which is a reasonable thing to do, IMO, and makes the thing somewhat less bad...but not much.

I stand for the national anthem. But either don't stand for the PoA or, if we're already standing, I just don't say it. 


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