Monday, August 24, 2020

"Like A Scene From Hell: Armed BLM Rioters Loot, Pillage and Burn Kenosha Following Police Shooting"

 I see that even the Washington ComPost had to report on this one. 

We'll have to wait to see what people like Moskos say about this shooting, but I don't know what else the cops were supposed to do. Dangerous suspect with a history of gun violence, refuses to stop, reaches into the driver's side exactly as if he were going for a weapon...hell, I'd have shot him...

But, of course, the BLM left has made it so that any white cop shooting a black suspect is going to have hell to pay, no matter how obviously justified the shooting.

The WaPo's description of the situation is so radically spun leftward as to be basically a lie. Watch the video and compare it to the Post's mendacious description:

The video starts as Jacob Blake rounds the front of a silver SUV on Sunday, with two Kenosha, Wis., police officers following close behind, their guns drawn. When Blake opens the door and steps inside, the officers suddenly fire toward his back — at least seven times.

No, you lying sacks of shit. The video starts with Blake walking away from the cops at the right rear of the SUV. They follow him up that side, around the front, and around to the driver's door--undoubtedly telling him to stop and get on the ground the entire time. They have their guns pointed at him, and he's simply ignoring them--and walking resolutely to the driver's door. Blake doesn't "step" inside, he reaches inside. And the police don't "suddenly" fire "toward" his back. There's no such thing as gradually firing a gun... They wait until the last possible moment, and fire when they clearly have no other option. since he's reaching into the SUV for something...wonder what?...when the cop finally does fire, it's into Blake's back--his only option. 

Response by the BLM crowd: burn down the city and pull out AR-15s on the cops.

This is your blue future, my friends. 


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