Saturday, August 29, 2020

Jean Guerrero: Possibly The Stupidest, Most Dishonest Op-Ed Ever Written: "Stephen Miller's Dystopian America"

The subtitle, if you can believe it:
"Language is a tool for shaping minds, and Miller knows how to weaponize it."

   Imagine a leftist writing that sentence with a straight face--the faction that has basically devoted itself to the realization of Newspeak... I don't mean to commit a tu quoque...Miller could do it, too...but nothing this moron says shows that. Basically, Miller is just describing the problem. He may be wrong, but there's no hint of Newspeak about it.
   Also LOL "antiracist allies" the very midst of complaining basically that conservatives have accurately described the progressive project, Guerrero deploys exactly the kind of Newspeak he accuses them of. Calling mob rule "mob rule" is somehow reprehensible...but calling the anarcho-communist mobs "anti-racist protesters" is just fine. 
   And make no mistake about it--Miller seems to be describing the views of the vanguard of the left pretty accurately. If you are at all familiar with their views, it's virtually impossible to miss the racism in them--antiwhite racism in particular...but also anti-Asian racism and anti-Semitism. You, like most people, are likely cowed, to at least some degree, and hesitant to even mention anti-white racism...I don't blame you. But it's easier to mention the other two.
   What Miller's actual views are is unclear. I have no commitment to him. If he's racist--which I doubt--I'll be happy to condemn him. But Guerrero doesn't actually try to discern Miller's actual views--he just pretends that somehow the language in Camp of the Saints, a work of science fiction Miller has recommended, gives us an accurate picture of them. 
   Incidentally, I decided to read Camp of the Saints to see whether it was being accurately represented by the left. It is, in fact, a well-regarded work of science fiction. Amazon has shown the Kindle version as unavailable--allegedly because it's being checked for accuracy--for about a year now. Hard copies are unavailable for less than hundreds of dollars... Interesting.
   Anyone who disagrees with progressives is called a racist. Anyone who favors stricter controls on immigration is called a racist. Anyone who supports Trump is called a racist. Anyone the left wants to injure or weaken is called a racist. So this accusation is overdetermined in Miller's case. But in no case should you give any weight whatsoever to such accusations from the left. Look into it yourself, find an objective source, whatever. But give not one bit of weight to the progressive left's accusations.
   Guerrero lies, among other things, about crime statistics, falsely claiming that "misleading statistics characterizing people of color as more prone to violence." Actually, unpleasant as it may be to believe, some nonwhite croups are. But progressivism is built on political correctness, and political correctness is the subordination of facts to dogma. In fact, to care about the truth even a bit is politically incorrect--since such a commitment suggests that something other than political correctness might count in favor of a belief...and that idea is the very height of political incorrectness.
   And, contra Guerrero: the riots have nothing to do with "white supremacism." Actual white supremacism--Arian Nation, Atomwaffen Division, Aryan Brotherhood, the various surviving mini-Klans...that's a problem I often urge people not to forget about...but it's way, way down the list of currently-pressing problems. Some of them will snap at some point--it's a periodic occurrence. But right now we need to be worrying about the (largely actually racist) leftist totalitarians--like, apparently, Guerrero--who post the currently-most-significant threat to the country.


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