Friday, August 21, 2020

JAKE TAPPER Calls The Dems On The "Very Fine People" Lie


Good on you, Jake Tapper. Props.


Not to snark the guy when he's being good, but...if Jake Tapper is calling the Dems on something like a good sign for them.


Gotta say, he slightly fudges thigs so that it makes the lie sound a little less bad than it actually is. Trump didn't merely "condemn white supremacists and Nazis elsewhere in the speech"...he explicitly clarified his comments in case any asshole was so assholish as to try to say that he was calling white supremacists and Nazis "very fine people." He basically says NOW LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR: I AM NOT TALKINGA ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACISTS AND NAZIS, BUT ABOUT PEOPLE CONCERNED ABOUT THE CONFEDERATE STATUES.

But the left learned the interpretation game from postmodernism: they think they get to interpret whatever they want however they want, and no amount of clarification can ward off their inevitable efforts to interpret everything anyone to their right says as racist.


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