Friday, August 28, 2020

Is It Possible For The U.S. To Return To Normal?

 There's probably not much sense asking about the long-term problem when the short-term threat is so serious.

But, of course, we all wonder about this longer-term question from time to time.

Has the Overton Window been shifted so far to the left that normality and sanity are unrecoverable? 

I honestly don't know. But my general inclination is to keep hope alive, as it were. We have no proof that we can't return to sanity. And if we don't, all is lost. Under those conditions, it's rational to work toward the goal. 

I'm not sure what we can do. The insanity isn't on our end of the spectrum. Unsurprisingly, I think that our only hope is rational discussion. We face a particularly tough problem because the extremist progressive left rejects the very idea of rational discussion, and the less-extreme parts of progressivism are willing to back the parts that reject it... 

I suppose the only thing to do is to use force as necessary...but keep making arguments and hope for the best. Progressivism deserves contempt and ridicule...and I actually think that it's not only deserved, but that it may be most efficacious. Meekly urging them to listen to reason hasn't worked, anyway.

Well, it occurs to me that mostly all I have to say is: I don't know.


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