Sunday, August 23, 2020

Hooray For This Trump Ad


Sometimes I allow myself to just go with the patriotic flow and enjoy operatic eagles and whatnot...but usually I try to put up an emotional wall against that stuff. You don't want to give in to it too much, IMO. But this is pretty good, and, in my current view, there's a helluvalot of truth in it.

My 2017 self would not believe I wrote that.

I don't believe the Clinton stuff...but I keep being surprised at how much Trump is right about. I take the hypothesis seriously now. I just haven't been able to address that stuff seriously. So I'm stuck in probably not...but possibly.

He's pretty much right about the media. But I don't think money is what mainly drives them. It's their personal and institutional commitment to progressive-left politics. If it were money, that would be better. Greedy people are at least narrowly rational. They're predictable. We know how to deal with them. Religious fanatics are a different kettle of Kool Aid.


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