Friday, August 21, 2020

False Accusations Of Racism Are As Bad As Racism: Biden And Harris Are Unfit For Office

 Harris and Biden have accused Trump of a heinous kind of racism, and done so not only publicly, but in a very important forum. Their accusations were premeditated and issued in a cool hour, and calculated to do maximum damage. They knew the accusations were false.

If Harris and Biden are right, then Trump is unfit for office. 

If they're wrong, then they are unfit for office--they are willing to make the most scurrilous and inflammatory accusations against someone--and the President, no less. They are willing to lie in a way that fans the flames of racism at a crucial juncture in our history. 

So--as is not unusual--much turns on the truth or falsehood of the accusations.

Fortunately for us, we know the answer: the accusations are false--and outrageously so. 

Trump and Harris are unfit for office.

It also matters that what they did wasn't isolated--the false/irresponsible/unjustified accusation of racism is the central rhetorical tactic of the progressive left.

We've got a crazy cult that has come completely unhinged, and they're running around getting everything they want merely by making the same bullshit accusation over and over again at every point--in effect: you're a witch

If America lets these people get away with this, and elects the cultists, then we deserve to be wrecked, as we surely will be.


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