Sunday, August 23, 2020

Dowd : "Joe's Fearsome Weapon Against Trump: Simple Decency"

"Biden Takes On Donnie Darkness and Promises to Bring Us Into The Light"
Oh, barf.
   I tried reading past that, but no luck. I didn't realize Biden's acceptance speech had been so saccharine. 
   For Chrissake. So his first official act of "simple decency" in the campaign was to promote the "very fine people" lie, simultaneously (a) falsely accusing Trump of being a neo-Nazi sympathizer, (b) accusing Trump's supporters of supporting a neo-Nazi sympathizer, and (c) telling black Americans that their President and half their countrymen basically hate them.
   And, of course: he did all that when we're in the midst of a spasm of violence. A general trend of violence against Trump supporters began before the election of '16--e.g. the mass attack on people leaving the Trump rally in San Jose. Of course this has been all but ignored by the media. 
   The lie also plays into the hands of the BLM/Antifa/Woketarian Axis of Evil, promoting violent anarcho-communist revolution, and predicating these demands on the false Open Season dogma to the effect that police are indiscriminately murdering black Americans.
   This isn't an isolated lie. Progressivism has spun itself a massive web of lies and delusions using the powerful construction tools and materials of groupthink, cultish dogmatism, and willful ignorance. On almost every major point of contention in contemporary American politics, the cult of progressivism believes outlandish falsehoods. It certainly believes in striking powerful blows against the Constitution and the republic. It seeks to undermine the First Amendment, the Second Amendment. The Russiagate conspirators have made mockery of the Fourth Amendment. Obama-Biden's Department of Education's interpretation of Title IX rejected the principles underlying both the Fifth and Sixth Amendments--and if you want to know where they want to take the country, look where they've taken universities, where their power is much greater. 
   I used to say that at least they hadn't yet called for the quartering of troops...but BLM/Antifa is now sending mobs through white neighborhoods demanding that people give up their houses...and it's hard to tell from week to week what insanity will be on what passes for their minds maybe the Third Amendment, too, will be under assault by September...
   But, counterpoint: Orange Man make mean tweet!!! So...

   Incidentally, the fact that our godawful, stupid, lying, anti-democratic, Russiagate-creating, thoroughly politicized media is all-in for one of the candidates is almost enough, in and of itself, to make me vote for the other guy.


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