Saturday, August 29, 2020

Comply With The Cops And You Won't Get Shot


Totally white supremacyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Look, I'm a guy who basically refuses to comply with anything I'm told to do. I'm certainly not saying that complying is always right. I'm more likely than most people to refuse to comply with the cops if they piss me off... But the left is promoting a massive lie--that the cops are just mowing down black men in the streets for no reason. More than a few black progressives argue that they live in fear, that they never know when the police will just up and murder them, that every time they leave the house they have to wonder whether they'll return. Those things are simply untrue. In all but a few extremely rare cases, you'd basically have to try to get killed by the cops.

BLM and the progressive left are promoting a massive, destructive lie.


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