Sunday, August 30, 2020

"Anti-Racism" and "White Privilege" "Training" Is Actually Leftist Indoctrination

 Casey Peterson is a hero.

First, critical race theory is utter bullshit.

Second, it's completely unproven--in fact, it'd be better to call it disproven--bullshit. It's pseudoscientific, pseudophilosophical nonsense. I don't think I know more than small handful of philosophers I respect who think the stuff is important and true.

Third, the left-wing/corporatist alliance hit on the idea, about six or seven years ago, of calling things "training" when they want to exempt them from criticism and pretend they are factual. Being "trained" in CRT is like being "trained" in Christianity or Scientology or Marxism. It's indoctrination. You can be trained in Windows 10. Or in conflict resolution. But not in religious or political ideology. That's brainwashing. We can have a discussion of CRT if you like--I can explain to you why it's idiotic bullshit. But it's not the kind of uncontroversial, here's-how-you-do-it task you can be trained in--again, unless you mean: indoctrinated.

It's astonishing to me how effective the crackpot left's transparent little verbal ploys have been.

At any we all need to create massive blowback against any organization that tries to push this bullshit.


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