Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Yet Another "Mostly Peaceful" Protest: 49 Officers Injured; Why Is "They're Mostly Peaceful!" Supposed To Be A Valid Defense Of Protests, But Not Of Cops?

I've had a couple of different smart people say to me, in defense of the BLM "protests" that "they're mostly peaceful!"
My response is: encounters with policer are mostly peaceful, but that hasn't ever been publicly cited in their defense.
In fact, police initiate unwarranted violence much, much less often than the BLM protesters / Pantyfa have.
"They're mostly peaceful" isn't a f*cking valid defense in either case given that they're goddamn supposed to be peaceful. How is Not all our dumbshit protests are violent! supposed to be a legitimate defense? I've gone my entire adult life without ever having unjustifiably initiated violence against anybody. Does that mean it's ok for me to start randomly punching people in the face? 
It's just astonishing to me how many terrible arguments the left accepts these days. 


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