Friday, July 24, 2020

WaPo Settles In Sandman's $250 Million Defamation Lawsuit

That's in addition to CNN settling his $800 million suit.
The Covington kids case was yet another political turning-point for me. It was immediately obvious upon viewing the video that the progressives' story about Sandman harassing Phillips was bullshit--even though it had been edited to be maximally misleading. I still remember the vast majority of commenters at the WaPo insisting that it was obvious harassment, that there was no alternative, that Sandman had the most punchable face they'd ever seen, and on and on. I think there was even a petition to deny him admittance to college... Despite the obvious falsehood of the interpretation of the video, progressives became religiously committed to it, and refused to admit error. When the Post finally, half-heartedly printed a semi-correctly, many still refused to change their minds. Then they all just dropped it and moved on to the next target of the progressive e-mob.


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