Saturday, July 25, 2020

Um...Yay?: Bill Would Prohibit Federal Funds For Teaching 1619 Project

So...yay then
   Or what?
   I don't want the gubmint micromanaging what's taught...but progressive-leftist brainwashing of kids has apparently become one of the biggest problems in education. The education establishment / industry barely even tries to hide its ideological bias anymore. 
      My usual approach to such questions is to opt for defending the general principle--in this case: academic freedom....and/or whatever the analog is in primary and secondary education. But totalitarian leftist nonsense is metastasizing throughout our institutions and across the nation, and I'm not sure that can be stopped even with government intervention. Intervention to oppose a very serious and possibly un-otherwise-stoppable problem is, on average, probably likely to be less harmful than non-intervention. I.e.: letting the problem continue to metastasize unopposed.
   Maybe this is being short-sighted. 
   Though sometimes the short-term problem you face poses a bigger risk than the possible long-term consequences of your proposed solution...
   I don't know.
   But I suppose my guess in this case is: go for it.
   If we could rely on the "1619 project" being balanced and including serious criticism, I'd be less likely to support Cotton's bill. But I doubt serious criticism is included in the (pre-prepared) curriculum. I'm pretty sure we can't even rely on universities facilitating genuine analysis / understanding. Even though that solution would leave the majority of indocrinees (a word I just made up)'s also unlikely to help the ones who go to college. 
   So long as the educational establishment continues to barrel leftward, unchecked by any commitment to truth, reason, evidence, fairness or institutional neutrality...well...I suppose I guess that government action is our less-bad alternative. This leaves the rot in education in place. And, of course, the Democrats will never go along with it. So I guess this is a purely academic it were...


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