Sunday, July 19, 2020

They Want To Abolish The United States "As We Know It"

Hey, would an afro-indigenous nonbinary local organizer lie about something like that?
We're told that she wants to be referred to pronomially with 'they' and 'them'...but they is...uh...they are?...nuts if xir thinks that's going to happen.
Also: there's no such thing as a "gender pronoun." Not in English, anyway.
She also says:  "We’re here to dismantle, defund and completely destroy the police.” So at least she's not runnig the standard motte-and-bailey exploiting the slight unclarity in 'defund.' She's whole-hog anti-pig.
And speaking of mottes and baileys: that's the whole point of the phrase "as we know it."


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