Friday, July 31, 2020

The Truth About Policing And Race Is Too Hot For YouTube

The left subordinates truth to dogma as a matter of principle.
Every movement does that to some extent. But it's a bug, not a feature.
The PC left is unusually dangerous because, in their case, it's a feature not a bug.
The longer they control the national conversation, the more truth they suppress, the more dogma they propagate, the more difficult it becomes to defeat them.
Beating the cult absolutely has to be job one.

[And with respect to this topic in particular: they're demanding that we radically remake the country on the basis of their blueprint...and their case for this revolutionary change rests on lies that have been conclusively disproven. But they have arrogated to themselves the power to make rules for the national conversation--and rule 1 is: if we accuse you of racism, you shut up. There is no possibility whatsoever for this road to end anywhere but disaster.]


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