Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Cornerstone Of BLM Is An Empirically-Disproven Falsehood--But The Media Keeps This Hidden And Progressives Don't Care About Facts

The cornerstone of BLM is the open season claim: 
Police in the U.S. indiscriminately murder blacks.
This has been conclusively disproven, and the disproving information is well-known and widely-shared by and among conservatives. And yet progressives remain (willfully?) ignorant of these facts--their passionate, yet false, beliefs protected and kept in place by the forcefields of progressive groupthink, political correctness, and the progressive media.
BLM is basically the world's biggest "hate-crime" hoax. 
Utter this politically incorrect truth in public, however, and the shrieking e-mob will come for you. You are likely to lose your job. You could be physically attacked--and if you are, and you defend yourself, the law may well come for you
It's probably not possible to reduce progressivism down to a single axiom. But if we were to try to do so, one of the best candidates would be something like:
Some facts are hatefacts--and hatefacts will not be tolerated.
Not to put too fine a point on it, but: 
Mobs of mindless leftists are rioting and looting and attacking and murdering, largely at the direction of anarcho-communist Blackshirts, and with extensive support by massive progressive-left organizations. This is being done on the basis of conclusively-disconfirmed falsehoods. And this massive leftist front is demanding the erasure of much of American history, its replacement with politically correct falsehoods, and the fundamental restructuring of American society in ways guaranteed to undermine the rule of law, increase violence, and, consequently, increase the power of leftist mobs. Furthermore, having co-opted megacorporations and tech companies, the left can now destroy the reputation--and the livelihood--of anyone who criticizes it.


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