Monday, July 27, 2020

Ted Van Dyk: "Why Do Democrats Defend Disorder?"

Not a difficult question to answer.
Most importantly:
   The Dems have been taken over by progressives. Progressives are antiliberal leftists. Being against violence and in favor of settling disagreements via rational discussion is a liberal value, not a progressive / leftist value. Mr. Van Dyk is distressed, in part, because he thinks that promoting such violence is wrong. antiliberal leftists do not agree.
   In fact, many of them are closer to communists than to liberals on the political spectrum. According to such people, the U.S.--and all of Western culture--is evil and ought to be destroyed. In that respect, they're actually to the left of most communists.
   Furthermore, progressives and Dems are afflicted by TDS. Because they refuse to assess Trump objectively, as a person with a bad demeanor but reasonable, not-even-very-conservative ideas / policies, they think he's more-or-less evil incarnate. Thus he must be defeated BAMN, as such people say.
   Finally, one of Mr. Dyk's arguments is that such promotion of violence and anarchy will lose the Dems support. Yes...but that's beside the point. He should want them to lose support in their current incarnation. Still, he may be right that such an appeal to self-interest will be effective in persuading the Dems so move away from the left. So I'm happy to use whatever arguments work to do that. Though the Dems seem to have  gained on Trump since the violence started. So I'm not too optimistic about persuasion in this case...


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