Friday, July 31, 2020

Shellenberger: I Was Invited To Testify On Energy Policy; Dems Didn't Let Me Speak

Remember, the two most important principles of the PC left are:
1. Politically incorrect facts must be subordinated to leftist dogma.
2. Disagreement with that dogma is not permitted.
IANA climatologist, obviously. But since I busted out of the liberal/ progressive echo chamber and actually begun reading and thinking about it semi-seriously, I've moved further and further away from the lefty orthodoxy. As I understand it, there has been some global warming, but there's little reason to believe it's largely anthropogenic. There's no imminent tipping point--not even the IPCC thinks there is. It's not the biggest problem we face--by far. In fact, it's not even the biggest environmental problem we face. Even if it were, it couldn't be fixed by renewables--only nuclear could possibly do the trick. So, given that it's unnecessary and ineffective, $2 trillion spent on renewables would be mostly wasted money. And--not that there's every a good time to waste $2 trillion, but--this is not a good time for us to be doing that.
   One thing that's become extremely clear to me over the course of the last two-or-so years: even relatively more centrist progressives have been ensnared in the left's web of mistakes, lies and delusions. As conservatives are wont to say: what matters to progressives is the "narrative," not the facts. And the orthodoxy is enforced mostly via public denunciation and character assassination. Police and white people are indiscriminately murdering blacks! Point to data that falsifies that "narrative" and you're a racist, racist! The Earth is fast approaching a climate tipping point! Only a complete shift to renewables...and climate "justice," somehow...can save it! Point to the copious countervailing evidence and you're a "denier"--you're helping lead us to disaster. You're killing us all! Just do as we say! No time to explain! Point out the obvious fact that men can't be women and vice-versa and you're a "transphobe"! A brand new form of bigotry we just invented! We made up some other words, too! "Transwoman!" "Misgendering!" "Deadnaming!" Also, if you object to us shooting your kid full of hormones and sexually mutilating him, we'll take him away...
   These aren't just policy views to the left. They're moral crusades. If you express skepticism you're not just wrong, you're a bad person. Being right, of course, is not even a conceivable option.


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