Thursday, July 23, 2020

Pantyfa Is Repulsive And Entirely Withoiut Honor

Even ignoring the fact that they're fighting against the world's most important Constitutional republic/democracy, and even aside from the fact that they're fighting for totalitarian, hard-left anti-liberalism...they're still really disgusting. They fight entirely without honor. They use girls to run interference so that the males can run out between then to attack when opportunities present themselves. The girls also confront people on the other side, getting in their faces and screaming, knowing that they're almost certainly safe from harm. When arrested in one of the videos here, one screams over and over in a way obviously planned...after all, there are dozens or hundreds of people recording, hoping an officer will go too far--or do something that an be represented as going too far. Of course if people record antifa, they are physically attacked. 
   Progressives will likely see in these videos what they want to see. But, objectively, what they show is that it is crucial to win this battle against the shrieking child-totalitarians. 


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