Monday, July 27, 2020

Pantyfa Are Disgusting And Dishonorable

This seem like pretty typical pantyfa tactics: girl shrieks hysterically in the fact of cops (or just normal people). Either they have to put up with it, or they respond. Her aim, so far as I can figure out, is to gradually escalate. If they respond, she starts screaming even more hysterically as if she's the one being attacked. Her aim is to do anything she can to gain some advantage, no matter how utterly disgraceful and debasing her actions. If they have to listen to her, it inflicts a certain psychological burden on them. If they respond--as they finally do when she physically attacks them--she might get lucky and her comrades--inevitably taping her tantrum--may get some footage of a cop using a tiny bit more than the absolute bare-minimum of force. I'm rather surprised that these people don't urinate on themselves or shit their pants or something, too. Hell, maybe they do. 
   People with genuinely noble aims and much more on the line than these fucking pathetic assholes don't even resort to such tactics, but, rather choose to win or lose with some measure of honor--even if it's lose. The eagerness with which these people adopt the most shameful and contemptible tactics tells you a lot about them. 


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