Saturday, July 25, 2020

NRO: Wisconsin And National Media Ignore Anti-Trump / Anti-White Murder That Fails To Conform To Their Progressive "Narrative"

Curtis doesn't explicitly mention it, but: Navarro is Mexican-American.
   I said the same sort of thing when the right was fanning the flames of Obama hatred:
If you irrationally / unjustifiably fuel hatred against Smith to the point of making it plausible that killing Smith is a reasonable course of action, then you bear some responsibility for Smith's murder. In some cases: even if the person you inspire is crazy. I'm actually surprised that there was never a serious assassination attempt on Obama given how unhinged some right-wing criticism of him was. I mean...if A is the Antichrist...
   We already know that progressivism / BLM has instigated an enormous amount of violence--all of which has been covered-up, ignored, or minimized by the PMSM. (Well, in fact, the PMSM is part of progressivism, so, unsurprisingly, they're doing more than covering it up--they're helping to promote it.) See e.g.: "mostly peaceful protests"... And the academic left has been putting the theoretical piece in place for some time now ("whiteness is inherently racist"..."people may have to die" for "social justice"..."whiteness must be destroyed"...)
   So nothing in this story comes as too much of a surprise. When you make a concerted effort to mass-persuade people to accept something, many of them are likely to accept it. So it's no surprise that many people are accepting that most or all whites are racist, that they deserve to be harmed / discriminated against / retaliated against. and that hatred of whites qua whites and harming whites because they are white is not racist. Hell, a whole lot of white people have been convinced of such things...why on earth think that many non-whites haven't been? That would be an extremely unlikely outcome.
   If you think that helping blacks is what progressives really care about, I urge you to pay closer attention to what they say...and to take them at their word...
...and think about the fact that they've managed to impose on us rules of public discussion according to which even acknowledging that racism against whites exist is itself allegedly racist... And acknowledging that anti-white racism is a significant force on the left is even more racist.


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