Friday, July 24, 2020

Libby Emmons: BLM Is Not An Equal Rights Movement

   It's a movement based on propositions that are clearly falsified by the extensive available evidence. 
   Neither the police nor white people are gunning down black men with impunity.
   In fact, the opposite is much closer to being true: blacks perpetrate more violence against the police, against whites, and against other blacks.
   The movement has taken the country by storm on the strength of roughly six things:
First, the general insanity inherent in the progressive left.
Second, the progressive left's takeover of the Democratic party.
Third, the progressive left's penchant for seeking to personally destroy anyone who disagrees with it--generally via false accusations of racism and other methods of character assassination. (And, of course, whites' fear of such tactics.)
Fourth, the progressive left's general dogmatism and indifference to facts, evidence and arguments.
Fifth, the media's refusal to report on the actual data about police shootings.
Sixth, the media's hysterical promotion and distortion of a few unrepresentative cases of police and white-on-black violence. 
   The most astonishing thing to me has been how easy it has been to control and subdue Americans. Fooling them is one thing. But I never thought they'd roll over so quickly out of fear--mostly fear of being called mean names.


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