Sunday, July 19, 2020

Jonathan Allen: "Five Decades Later, Trump Is Still Pushing Segregationist Policies"

This is utter bullshit from beginning to end.
   Incidentally: I don't live in the suburbs and never plan to do so. So there's no personal stake here.
I'm not going to go through this bullshit thing in detail. I'll just say:
   First, "abolish the suburbs" is a perfectly reasonable way to put it, and well within the ordinary parameters of American political discussion. Trump's claim is much closer to being true and accurate than is Allen's claim that Trump is "pushing segregationist policies." What Trump is doing is rejecting the left-progressive project of radically re-engineering and micro-managing American ways of life. There's no racial barrier to living in the suburbs. There is, in some sense, a financial one. But that's a completely different matter. Trump's not pushing anything that most conservatives--indeed most people--don't agree with.
   But progressivism basically only has like three arguments--bullshit rhetorical ploys, actually--and That's racist / You're racist is their flagship accusation.
   Second, note that left-progressive bullshit of this kind can't even mount a cursory defense of itself without leaping to pseudophilosophical mumbo-jumbo like their fave-rave: "social construction." Which wildly ambiguous and confused phrase never does anything but confuse things. What the academician in question means is just that suburbs--like the majority of such social and human things--has no clear, single, precise definition or characterization. But then Allen goes on to offer a perfectly serviceable characterization. So the detour was useless after all...
   Then Allen concedes that suburbs are actually becoming less "segregated"...but that's not good enough, we're told, because some areas are still "segregated." As if only a perfectly uniform, progressive-approved distribution of races everywhere is permissible. 
   For the love of God, how hard is it to understand that humanity and society are not generally uniform, and can't rationally be expected to be? 
   Why go on? 
   This is basically another progressivism in a nutshell case. Progressives will not be satisfied until they control every aspect of our lives and bring them all into accordance with their utopian, quasi-religious presuppositions about race and the rest. Though suburbs are open to anyone who wants to move in and has the means, and though there are few white people left in the country who would object to good neighbors solely on the basis of race...and though the objection is not that non-whites will move in, but that multi-family housing would be moving in and would ruin the very character of the neighborhoods people moved out of the city to find...still, any deviation from progressive ideals is racist. Trump is basically George Wallace, you see... Which is one of the stupidest goddamn things I think I've ever read.
   Progressives seek to use the coercive power of the state to destroy everything that can even be implausibly spun as inconsistent with the cult of Woketarianism. Even if you think their ends are good, you ought to think they're too meddlesome by well more than half, and that they should mind their own goddamned business and leave us alone.
   And this is why liberals--or former liberals--like me will be voting for Trump. He's suboptimal to put it mildly--but at least he is indeed standing between our ways of life and the unhinged ravages of Woketarianism.


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