Thursday, July 23, 2020


It's a stupid argument, but the statement isn't even a little bit racist, much less blatantly so.
I suppose Margolis is trying to make people believe that Biden says something on the order of "they all look the same to me." That's not what he said at all. Rather, he said that most people don't distinguish between Asian subgroups. So if you blame something on the Chinese, it's like blaming it on all Asians. 
   And, of course, this is an argument for the progressive Dem's only argument: Trump's a racist. 
   Actually, to mirror an insightful Trump meme: they're actual argument is You're a racist...but Trump is currently in the way...
   In fact, I think there's something to Biden's premise: a fair number of American's may not distinguish among Asian subgroups. But I'd have to see some actual evidence on that.
   Of course Biden's position is absurd. Even if most American's can't or don't distinguish between Chinese and South Koreans, that in no way entails that China--i.e. the CCP--shouldn't be blamed for their irresponsible or harmful actions. 
   Furthermore, Biden's argument seems to suggest that it's ok to blame Chinese Americans for the actions of the Chinese government--the only problem would be if you were to blame non-Chinese Asian Americans for them... 
   How long are centrist and left-of-center Americans going to let these idiots get away with screeching You're racist! in response to, well, absolutely everything with which they disagree? 

[oops, also: 
First, Trump isn't racist.
Second, even if he were, it would be preposterous to argue that he was the only one.]


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