Friday, July 24, 2020

All 15 References To Whites In The Dems' Platform

Contrary to what the title of the piece says, they're not all "damning"...but they're all negative. 
   They're less negative than a lot of progressive claims about whites--FWTW. 
   In the Democratic platform, whites show up only as white supremacists (though, of course, that doesn't always mean what it really means--i.e. Klansmen etc.), beneficiaries of "privilege" (including breathing privilege / asthma privilege), and touchstones by which the disadvantages of other races can be measured. Whites are the problem--the message really couldn't be much clearer.
   People put up with this because the left has convinced people that any white person who objects to negative portrayals of whites is racist. Even when the left insists that "whiteness" conceptually entails oppression, you're not to object. Even when they proclaim that "whiteness" must be abolished--as clear a statement of eliminationism as you could get--you're not to object. Even when they absurdly insist that colorblindness itself is racist, you're not to object.
   MLK would object, of course. Any genuine non-racist would object. But they're racist--and they've half-convinced you to be as well. To have an irrationally negative view of any race is racism. But why do you think that they've gone through so many absurd gyrations to cobble together a ridiculous story according to which it's impossible to be racist against whites? That's so clearly stupid that you'd think no faction would argue for it--all it should do is discredit them. So why has progressivism spent so much rhetorical capitol to push that view?
   The drawing of the conclusion is left as an exercise for the reader.


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