Saturday, July 25, 2020

Agnes Callard: "Should We Cancel Aristotle?"

I'll be damned....this is pretty good.
I normally don't read "The Stone" because it's so cringey so often.
But this is an exception.
Of course professor Callard is likely in for an e-beating in response. The pattern is too familiar. First we'll probably get:
Strawman! Nobody is or ever will argue to "cancel" Aristotle! This plays into the hands of the right REEEEEEEE!!!!111
Then...if we even go through that first the left is further emboldened and empowered by the more moderate left's failure to stand up to them, some left-progressive idea entrepreneur will realize she can make her reputation, showing herself to be the wokest of the woke, by arguing--by which I mean shrieking:
Every criticism is a strawman until it isn't...and since they're always careening leftward, it always won't be if you wait long enough.


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